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Deceived (Touchstone Movie)

“Deceived” is a psychological thriller released in 1991, directed by Damian Harris. The movie stars Goldie Hawn as Adrienne Saunders, a successful art restorer living a seemingly idyllic life with her husband Jack (played by John Heard) and their young daughter. However, everything changes when Adrienne begins to suspect that her husband is not who he claims to be.

The film takes a dark turn as Adrienne discovers a series of unsettling clues that lead her to believe her husband may be involved in something sinister. As she delves deeper into the mystery, she unravels a web of deceit, lies, and betrayal that puts her life in danger.

As Adrienne investigates, she is faced with the chilling reality that the man she thought she knew so well may have a secret past and hidden motives. The suspense builds as she becomes more determined to uncover the truth about her husband’s true identity and the dark secrets he is hiding.

Goldie Hawn delivers a powerful and convincing performance as a woman caught in a dangerous web of deception and uncertainty. Her portrayal of Adrienne’s emotional journey, from blissful ignorance to terrifying realization, keeps the audience engaged and invested in the character’s struggle.

“Deceived” is praised for its atmospheric tension and skillful storytelling, with unexpected plot twists that keep viewers guessing until the very end. The film’s haunting soundtrack and expertly crafted cinematography add to the overall sense of unease and suspense.

As the truth is revealed, Adrienne finds herself facing not only external threats but also questioning her own judgment and ability to trust. The movie explores themes of deception, trust, and the darkness that can hide behind seemingly perfect facades.

Overall, “Deceived” is a gripping psychological thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its intriguing plot and excellent performances. It offers a suspenseful and engaging cinematic experience that will leave audiences contemplating the nature of trust and the unpredictability of human behavior.

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  • Goldie Hawn: Adrienne Saunders
  • Damon Redfern: Maitre d’
  • John Heard: Jack Saunders, Frank Sullivan, and Dan Sherman
  • Robin Bartlett: Charlotte, Adrienne’s business partner
  • Ashley Peldon: Mary Saunders
  • Beatrice Straight: Adrienne’s mother
  • George R. Robertson: Adrienne’s father
  • Tom Irwin: Harvey Schwartz
  • Jan Rubeš: Tomasz
  • Anais Granofsky: Ellen
  • Heidi Von Palleske: Mrs. Peabody
  • Stanley Anderson: Detective Kinsella
  • Francesca Butler: Lillian
  • Bruce MacVittie: Social Security Man
  • Amy Wright: Evelyn Saunders
  • Kate Reid: Rosalie Sullivan


  • Director: Damian Harris
  • Producers: Ellen Collett, Wendy Dozoretz and Michael Finnell
  • Writers: Mary Agnes Donoghue and Bruce Joel Rubin

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