Deep Rising

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Deep Rising (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

“Deep Rising” is an action-horror film released in 1998, directed by Stephen Sommers. The movie stars Treat Williams as John Finnegan, Famke Janssen as Trillian St. James, and Wes Studi as Hanover.

The story follows a group of mercenaries led by John Finnegan, who are hired to hijack a luxury cruise ship called the Argonautica. However, when they arrive at the ship, they find it deserted and seemingly abandoned.

As they investigate further, they discover that the ship has been attacked by terrifying and deadly sea creatures, which have killed the crew and passengers. The mercenaries must now fight for their lives as they try to escape the ship and survive the relentless onslaught of the mysterious creatures.

As the group battles the monstrous threats, they uncover the dark secrets behind the ship’s true purpose and the sinister experiments conducted onboard.

“Deep Rising” is known for its thrilling and intense action sequences, as well as its creature design and special effects. The film combines elements of horror, science fiction, and adventure to create a suspenseful and adrenaline-pumping experience.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for its entertaining action and creature effects, but criticism for its lack of depth in characters and plot.

“Deep Rising” serves as a touchstone for viewers seeking a fast-paced and suspenseful action-horror film that delivers on thrills and excitement. It remains a fun and thrilling ride that showcases Stephen Sommers’ talent for blending action and horror elements into a gripping and entertaining cinematic experience.

Additional Details


  • Treat Williams: John Finnegan
  • Famke Janssen: Trillian St. James
  • Anthony Heald: Simon Canton
  • Kevin J. O’Connor: Joey “Tooch” Pantucci
  • Wes Studi: Hanover
  • Derrick O’Connor: Captain H.W. Atherton
  • Jason Flemyng: Mulligan
  • Cliff Curtis: Mamooli
  • Clifton Powell: Mason
  • Trevor Goddard: T-Ray
  • Djimon Hounsou: Vivo
  • Una Damon: Leila
  • Clint Curtis: Billy


  • Director: Stephen Sommers
  • Producers: John Baldecchi, Mario Iscovich and Laurence Mark
  • Writer: Stephen Sommers

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