Encino Man

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Encino Man (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

“Encino Man” is a comedy film released in 1992, directed by Les Mayfield. The movie is also known as “California Man” in some regions. It stars Sean Astin, Brendan Fraser, and Pauly Shore.

The story revolves around two high school friends, Dave Morgan (Sean Astin) and Stoney Brown (Pauly Shore), who accidentally unearth a frozen caveman while digging a backyard pool in Dave’s backyard in Encino, California.

The caveman, Link (Brendan Fraser), is thawed out and brought back to life in the present day. As Link adapts to modern life, his primitive behavior and antics lead to a series of hilarious misadventures and cultural clashes.

In an attempt to integrate Link into their high school society and boost their popularity, Dave and Stoney give him a makeover and present him as a foreign exchange student from Estonia named “Ish.”

As Link becomes a sensation at the school, he experiences both the joys and challenges of being a teenager in the 1990s. Meanwhile, Dave struggles to balance his new friendship with Link and his relationship with his longtime crush, Robyn Sweeney (Megan Ward).

“Encino Man” is a light-hearted and goofy comedy that celebrates the fish-out-of-water concept, blending elements of teenage coming-of-age with prehistoric humor. Brendan Fraser’s portrayal of the caveman, Link, with his childlike innocence and physical comedy, adds to the film’s charm and humor.

The film’s comedic chemistry between the lead trio and the witty banter of Pauly Shore’s character contribute to its appeal among fans of early 1990s comedy.

While “Encino Man” received mixed reviews from critics, it found success as a cult classic among viewers who enjoy lighthearted and nostalgic comedy. The film’s quirky premise, memorable catchphrases, and feel-good atmosphere have made it a beloved touchstone for those seeking an entertaining and easy-going comedic escape.

Additional Details


  • Sean Astin: David “Dave” Morgan
  • Brendan Fraser: Linkovich “Link” Chomovsky
  • Pauly Shore: Stanley “Stoney” Brown
  • Megan Ward: Robyn Sweeney
  • Robin Tunney: Ella
  • Michael DeLuise: Matthew “Matt” Wilson
  • Patrick Van Horn: Phil
  • Dalton James: Will
  • Rick Ducommun: Mr. Brush
  • Jonathan Quan: Kim
  • Rose McGowan: Nora
  • Michole White: Kathleen
  • Mariette Hartley: Mrs. Morgan
  • Richard Masur: Larry Morgan
  • Ellen Blain: Tenna Morgan
  • Sandra Hess: Cave Nug
  • Mike Diamente: Steve Morgan
  • Erick Avari: Raji
  • Gerry Bednob: Kashmir
  • Allen Russell: Redneck


  • Director: Les Mayfield
  • Producers: George Zaloom, Hilton Green and Michael Rotenberg
  • Writers: George Zaloom and Shawn Schepps

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