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Enemy of the State movie

“Enemy of the State” is a thriller film released by Touchstone Pictures in 1998, directed by Tony Scott and starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman. The movie follows the story of a lawyer, Robert Dean (played by Will Smith), who unknowingly becomes entangled in a dangerous conspiracy that puts his life and the lives of his loved ones at risk.

The plot kicks off when a former National Security Agency (NSA) official, Thomas Reynolds (played by Jon Voight), orders the murder of a congressman who opposes a controversial national security bill. During the assassination, an innocent bystander captures the incident on video, and the footage ends up in the hands of Robert Dean.

Suddenly, Robert finds himself targeted by a ruthless group of government agents who are determined to retrieve the incriminating evidence. With his life turned upside down, Robert seeks help from a reclusive surveillance expert, Edward Lyle (played by Gene Hackman). Together, they must navigate a dangerous cat-and-mouse game to expose the conspiracy and clear Robert’s name.

“Enemy of the State” combines elements of action, suspense, and political intrigue, creating a gripping narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The film also delves into themes of privacy invasion, government surveillance, and the abuse of power, making it particularly relevant in the digital age.

Will Smith delivers a compelling performance as the ordinary man caught up in extraordinary circumstances, while Gene Hackman brings his trademark intensity and depth to the role of the enigmatic surveillance expert. The movie also features strong supporting performances from Jon Voight, Regina King, and Lisa Bonet.

The film’s fast-paced action sequences, high-tech surveillance gadgets, and clever use of real-world technology make it an engaging and entertaining thriller. “Enemy of the State” received critical acclaim upon its release and was a commercial success, solidifying its place as one of the standout films in the thriller genre.

Additional Details


  • Will Smith: Robert Clayton Dean
  • Gene Hackman: Edward “Brill” Lyle
  • Jon Voight: Thomas Brian Reynolds
  • Loren Dean: Loren Hicks
  • Barry Pepper: David Pratt
  • Jack Black: Fiedler
  • Lisa Bonet: Rachel F. Banks
  • Seth Green: Selby
  • Jake Busey: Krug
  • Scott Caan: Jones
  • Jamie Kennedy: Jamie Williams
  • Regina King: Carla Dean
  • Gabriel Byrne: Fake Brill
  • James LeGros: Jerry Miller
  • Jason Lee: Daniel Leon Zavitz
  • Jason Robards: Congressman Phillip Hammersley
  • Stuart Wilson: Congressman Sam Albert
  • Ian Hart: John Bingham
  • Jascha Washington: Eric Dean
  • Anna Gunn: Emily Reynolds
  • Grant Heslov: Lenny
  • Bodhi Elfman: Van
  • Dan Butler: NSA Director Admiral Shaffer


  • Director: Tony Scott
  • Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
  • Writers: David Marconi, Aaron Sorkin, Ehren Kruger, Henry Bean and Tony Gilroy

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