Ernest Goes to Camp 

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Ernest Goes to Camp

“Ernest Goes to Camp” is a comedy film released by Touchstone Pictures in 1987, directed by John R. Cherry III. The movie stars Jim Varney as the lovable and hapless character Ernest P. Worrell, who finds himself in a series of comical misadventures.

The story follows Ernest as he takes on the job of a camp counselor at Camp Kikakee, a run-down summer camp for troubled kids. Despite his best efforts to be a responsible counselor, Ernest’s clumsiness and well-meaning but misguided actions lead to a string of hilarious and chaotic situations.

As the camp faces financial troubles and the threat of closure, Ernest takes it upon himself to save the camp and provide the kids with a memorable summer experience. He befriends the campers and helps them overcome their personal challenges while inadvertently causing mayhem along the way.

Throughout the film, Jim Varney’s comedic talent shines through as he brings his unique brand of physical humor and hilarious one-liners to the character of Ernest. His interactions with the kids and fellow camp counselors provide many laugh-out-loud moments, making the film a fun and enjoyable watch.

“Ernest Goes to Camp” became the first in a series of movies featuring the character Ernest. Jim Varney’s portrayal of Ernest was well-received by audiences, and the success of the film led to sequels such as “Ernest Saves Christmas,” “Ernest Scared Stupid,” and “Ernest Goes to Jail.”

The film’s charm lies in Ernest’s unwavering optimism, his ability to find humor in any situation, and his heartfelt desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those around him. Despite the chaotic and often ridiculous events that unfold, Ernest’s good-hearted nature endears him to both the characters in the movie and the viewers.

“Ernest Goes to Camp” remains a cult classic and is fondly remembered by fans of all ages for its wholesome humor and Jim Varney’s memorable performance as the lovable and ever-optimistic Ernest P. Worrell.

Additional Details


  • Jim Varney: Ernest P. Worrell
  • Victoria Racimo: Nurse St. Cloud
  • John Vernon: Sherman Krader
  • Iron Eyes Cody: Old Indian ‘Chief St. Cloud’
  • Lyle Alzado: Bronk Stinson
  • Gailard Sartain: Jake (Chef #1)
  • Daniel Butler: Eddie (Chef #2)
  • Patrick Day: Bobby Wayne
  • Scott Menville: Crutchfield
  • Danny Capri: Danny Simpson
  • Jacob Vargas: Butch “Too Cool” Vargas
  • Todd Loyd: Chip Ozgood
  • Hakim Abdulsamad: Moustafa “Moose” Hakeem Jones
  • Eddy Schumacher: Counselor Ross Stennis
  • Richard Speight, Jr.: Brooks
  • Andy Woodworth: Pennington
  • Buck Ford: Mr. Elliott Blatz
  • Larry Black: Mr. Tipton
  • Hugh Sinclair: Counselor Sparks
  • Johnson West: Counselor Puckett
  • Jean Wilson: State Supervisor
  • Ivan Green: Mr. Stewart
  • Christian Haas: Molly Stewart
  • Brenda Haynes: Mrs. Stewart
  • Charlie Lamb: Miner
  • Mac Bennett: Miner


  • Director: John Cherry
  • Producer: Martin Erlichman and Elmo Williams
  • Music: Shane Keister

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