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“Ernest Scared Stupid” is a comedy horror film released in 1991 and directed by John R. Cherry III. The movie stars Jim Varney as the beloved character Ernest P. Worrell, known for his comedic and clumsy antics.

The story takes place in the small town of Briarville, where a centuries-old curse is about to awaken. The legend tells of an evil troll named Trantor, who was imprisoned by a brave ancestor of the town’s children. On Halloween night, Ernest accidentally unleashes the troll from its confinement by breaking a seal on a tree, and Trantor begins to wreak havoc on the town, capturing children and turning them into wooden dolls.

With the help of his friends and a kind-hearted local kid named Kenny, Ernest must find a way to defeat the troll and save the children before it’s too late. As Ernest tries various comedic and sometimes absurd methods to outwit the troll, he must also face his own fears and vulnerabilities.

“Ernest Scared Stupid” is a family-friendly horror-comedy that combines humor, scares, and heartwarming moments. Jim Varney’s portrayal of Ernest is both endearing and hilarious, making the character a beloved figure in popular culture.

The film’s Halloween-themed setting, along with its entertaining mix of horror and comedy, has made it a favorite among audiences of all ages during the Halloween season. Despite being a horror film, it maintains a light-hearted and fun tone suitable for younger viewers.

Throughout the movie, Ernest’s character provides a source of comic relief as he encounters various spooky and supernatural situations, often resulting in slapstick and physical comedy. The film also delivers some genuine scares through its practical effects and eerie atmosphere.

“Ernest Scared Stupid” stands as a testament to Jim Varney’s talent as a comedic actor and the enduring popularity of the Ernest character. It has become a cult classic, cherished by fans of comedy, horror, and family-friendly entertainment alike. With its entertaining blend of scares and laughs, the film remains a Halloween favorite for generations of moviegoers.

Ernest Scared Stupid

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  • Jim Varney: Ernest P. Worrell, Bunny Worrell, Auntie Nelda, and others
  • Eartha Kitt: Francis “Old Lady” Hackmore
  • Austin Nagler: Kenny Binder
  • Shay Astar: Elizabeth
  • Alec Klapper: Joey
  • John Cadenhead: Tom Tulip
  • Bill Byrge: Bobby Tulip
  • Richard Woolf: Matt Murdock
  • Nick Victory: Mike Murdock
  • Jonas Moscartolo: Trantor
  • Ernie Fosselius: Trantor (voice)
  • Daniel Butler: Sheriff Cliff Binder
  • Esther Huston: Amanda Binder
  • Larry Black: Mayor Murdock
  • Denice Hicks: Elizabeth’s mother
  • Jackie Welch: Teacher
  • Barkley: Rimshot


  • Director: John Cherry
  • Producers: Stacy Williams, Martin Erichman and Coke Sams
  • Screenplay: Charlie Gale and Coke Sams

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