Feast of July

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Feast of July touchstone movie

“Feast of July” is a period drama film released in 1995, directed by Christopher Menaul and based on the novel of the same name by H.E. Bates. The story is set in rural England during the late 1800s and revolves around a young woman named Bella Ford, portrayed by Embeth Davidtz.

Bella is a lonely and destitute woman who finds herself pregnant and abandoned by her lover. Seeking refuge, she stumbles upon a small village and is taken in by the Munro family. They offer her shelter and care, and Bella starts to feel a sense of belonging she has never experienced before.

As Bella becomes acquainted with the family, she develops a romantic relationship with the eldest son, Con, played by Ben Chaplin. Their love blossoms, and Bella finds herself drawn to the warm and loving atmosphere of the Munro household.

However, their newfound happiness is short-lived as Bella’s past catches up with her. A mysterious stranger named Arch Wilson, portrayed by Tom Bell, arrives in the village, and it becomes apparent that he knows Bella’s secrets. The arrival of Arch threatens to unravel the delicate balance of love and trust that has been established between Bella and the Munro family.

“Feast of July” explores themes of love, betrayal, and redemption as Bella must confront her past and make difficult choices that will impact her future. The film is a captivating and emotional journey that delves into the complexities of human relationships and the resilience of the human spirit.

With its picturesque countryside setting and strong performances from the cast, “Feast of July” offers a compelling and atmospheric portrayal of a woman’s quest for love and acceptance in a world marked by secrets and deception.

While “Feast of July” did not achieve major commercial success, it received critical acclaim for its powerful storytelling and evocative cinematography. It remains a hidden gem for fans of period dramas and poignant character-driven narratives. The film serves as a testament to the enduring power of love and the importance of confronting one’s past to find a path towards a brighter future.

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  • Embeth Davidtz: Bella Ford
  • Tom Bell: Ben Wainwright
  • Gemma Jones: Mrs. Wainwright
  • James Purefoy: Jedd Wainwright
  • Kenneth Anderson: Matty Wainwright
  • Greg Wise: Arch Wilson
  • Ben Chaplin: Con Wainwright
  • David Neal: Mitchy Mitchell
  • Julian Protheroe: Bowler-Hatted Man
  • Mark Neal: Clerk at Shoe Factory
  • Tim Preece: Preacher
  • Daphne Neville: Mrs. Mitchell
  • Charles De’Ath: Billy Swaine
  • Colin Prockter: Man in Pub
  • Richard Hope: Squire Wyman
  • Kate Hamblyn: Harvest Girl
  • Richard Hicks: Second Rowing Youth
  • Arthur Kelly: Game Keeper
  • Frederick Warder: Captain Rogers
  • Colin Mayes: Seaman
  • Tom Marshall: Prison Warder


  • Director: Christopher Menaul
  • Producers: Henry Herbert, Christopher Neame, Ismail Merchant and Paul Bradley
  • Writer: Christopher Neame

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