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Flightplan movie

“Flightplan” is a gripping psychological thriller released in 2005, directed by Robert Schwentke. The film stars Jodie Foster as Kyle Pratt, a grieving widow and aircraft engineer who embarks on a transatlantic flight with her young daughter, Julia (played by Marlene Lawston). However, things take a dark turn when Kyle’s daughter mysteriously disappears mid-flight.

The movie begins with Kyle and Julia boarding a state-of-the-art airplane, which Kyle helped design. As the flight takes off, Kyle falls asleep, only to wake up later and find her daughter missing. Distraught and panicked, she frantically searches the entire plane, asking passengers and the flight crew for help, but to her horror, no one has any recollection of seeing Julia on the flight.

Kyle’s distress is compounded when the flight attendants and the captain (played by Sean Bean) start to doubt her story, believing that she might be suffering from a delusional breakdown due to the recent loss of her husband. As the tension escalates and Kyle’s sanity is questioned, she becomes increasingly desperate to prove that her daughter was indeed on the plane.

With the help of a sympathetic flight attendant (played by Peter Sarsgaard), Kyle attempts to uncover the truth behind her daughter’s disappearance. She becomes entangled in a web of lies, conspiracy, and deception, all while battling her own grief and the disbelief of those around her.

“Flightplan” is a thrilling and suspenseful film that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats throughout. Jodie Foster delivers a powerful performance as a mother desperate to find her missing child, showcasing the emotional turmoil and determination of her character.

The film explores themes of loss, paranoia, and the lengths a mother would go to protect her child. It also raises questions about the reliability of memory and the trustworthiness of those around us. As the mystery unfolds, audiences are left guessing until the final moments of the movie.

“Flightplan” is a well-executed thriller that combines a compelling plot with strong performances, making it an engaging and thought-provoking watch. It successfully keeps viewers guessing and delivers a satisfying conclusion that leaves a lasting impact.

Additional Details


  • Jodie Foster: Kyle Pratt
  • Peter Sarsgaard: Gene Carson
  • Sean Bean: Capt. Marcus Rich
  • Kate Beahan: Stephanie
  • Matt Bomer: Eric
  • Amanda Brooks: Irene
  • Jesse Burch: Row 19 Male Passenger
  • Erika Christensen: Fiona
  • Assaf Cohen: Ahmed
  • Shane Edelman: Mr. Loud
  • David Farkas: Steward
  • Stephanie Faracy: Anna
  • Mary Gallagher: Mrs. Loud
  • Christopher Gartin: Mike
  • Gavin Grazer: FBI Agent
  • Lois Hall: Main Deck Grandma
  • John Benjamin Hickey: David Pratt
  • Michael Irby: Obaid
  • Jana Kolesarova: Claudia
  • Forrest Landis: Rhett Loud
  • Tonje Larsgard: Flight Attendant
  • Marlene Lawston: Julia Pratt
  • Haley Ramm: Brittany Loud
  • Greta Scacchi: Lisa
  • Judith Scott: Estella
  • Brent Sexton: Elias
  • Fred Tungulsten: Jordan
  • Kirk B. R. Woller: Grunick


  • Director: Robert Schwentke
  • Producer: Brian Grazer
  • Writers: Peter Dowling and Billy Ray
  • Music: James Horner

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