Frank McKlusky C.I.

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Frank McKlusky C.I. (Touchstone Movie)

“Frank McKlusky, C.I.” is a comedy film released in 2002, directed by Arlene Sanford. The movie follows the misadventures of Frank McKlusky (played by Dave Sheridan), an insurance claims investigator, who faces an unexpected turn of events in his life.

Frank McKlusky is a cautious and overprotective man, largely due to a childhood incident that left his daredevil stuntman father dead. His father’s death traumatized him and drove him to join the insurance industry to assess risks and prevent accidents from happening to others.

However, Frank’s mundane and careful life takes a hilarious turn when he uncovers a fraud conspiracy within his own insurance company. He accidentally becomes entangled in a dangerous case involving his own colleagues, and his life is suddenly in jeopardy. With his carefully crafted and safety-conscious approach, he finds himself in comical situations as he tries to expose the truth behind the fraudulent activities.

As the bumbling Frank investigates the case, he meets a quirky cast of characters, including his love interest, Sharon (played by Dolly Parton), a charming woman who runs a daredevil stunt school. Together, they embark on a humorous journey filled with slapstick humor and unexpected twists.

“Frank McKlusky, C.I.” is a lighthearted comedy that blends elements of detective thrillers with physical humor. Dave Sheridan’s portrayal of the overly cautious and accident-prone investigator adds to the comedic charm of the film. The movie showcases his character’s gradual transformation from a timid investigator to a more adventurous and daring person.

The film’s humor mainly relies on visual gags, slapstick comedy, and quirky characters. Dolly Parton’s presence adds a delightful touch to the story, and her chemistry with Dave Sheridan creates memorable and humorous moments.

While “Frank McKlusky, C.I.” may not be a critically acclaimed film, it provides a fun and entertaining escape for audiences seeking light-hearted comedy and absurd situations. The movie’s quirky plot and eccentric characters make it an enjoyable watch for fans of slapstick humor and offbeat comedies.

Additional Details


  • Dave Sheridan: Frank McKlusky
  • Cameron Richardson: Sharon Webber
  • Randy Quaid: “Madman” McKlusky
  • Dolly Parton: Edith McKlusky
  • Kevin Farley: Jimmy
  • Orson Bean: Mr. Gafty
  • Chyna: Freeda
  • Kevin Pollak: Ronnie Rosengold
  • Tracy Morgan: Reggie Rosengold
  • Andy Richter: Herb
  • Scott Baio, Emmanuel Lewis, Gary Coleman, Willie Tyler & Lester, Lou Ferrigno and Gary Owens: themselves


  • Director: Arlene Sanford
  • Producers: Robert Simonds
  • Screenplay: Mark Perez

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