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Geek Charming (Disney Channel Original Movie)

“Geek Charming” is a teen romantic comedy film released in 2011. The movie is based on the young adult novel of the same name by Robin Palmer. It was directed by Jeffrey Hornaday and stars Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop in the lead roles.

The story follows Dylan Shoenfield (played by Sarah Hyland), a popular and fashionable high school student who aspires to become the school’s Blossom Queen. She is seen as a superficial and self-centered girl, obsessed with her social status and image. While at a charity event, Dylan accidentally spills her smoothie on her classmate, Josh Rosen (played by Matt Prokop), a geeky and aspiring filmmaker.

To fulfill her desire to be Blossom Queen, Dylan decides to make a documentary about Josh, thinking it will be her ticket to the crown. As she spends more time with Josh and gets to know him better, she starts to realize that there is more to him than meets the eye. She discovers his genuine personality, creative talent, and passion for filmmaking.

As Dylan and Josh work on the documentary together, they form an unexpected friendship and bond. Through their collaboration, Dylan begins to question her priorities and the values she once held dear. She learns valuable lessons about authenticity, self-discovery, and the true meaning of friendship.

“Geek Charming” is a heartwarming and light-hearted coming-of-age story that explores themes of self-acceptance, breaking stereotypes, and finding connections with unexpected people. It showcases the transformation of a superficial girl into a more compassionate and understanding person, guided by the influence of a geeky classmate.

The film received positive reviews from its target audience, with praise for Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop’s performances and the positive messages it conveys. While it follows some familiar teen movie tropes, “Geek Charming” is well-received for its relatable characters and messages of friendship and personal growth.

“Geek Charming” is an entertaining and feel-good movie that appeals to teenagers and fans of romantic comedies. It delivers a positive and empowering message about embracing one’s true self and accepting others for who they are, making it a fun and uplifting watch for young audiences.

Additional Details


  • Sarah Hyland: Dylan Schoenfield
  • Matt Prokop: Josh Rosen
  • Sasha Pieterse: Amy Loubalu
  • Jordan Jedediah Nichols: Asher Dumentz
  • Vanessa Morgan: Hannah Mornell
  • Lili Simmons: Lola Leighton
  • David Del Rio: Ari
  • Jimmy Bellinger: Steven
  • Lilli Birdsell: Sandy Rosen
  • Andrew Airlie: Alan Schoenfield
  • Kacey Rohl: Caitlin Raven
  • Andrea Brooks: Nicole Patterson


  • Director: Jeffrey Hornaday
  • Producer: Tracey Jeffrey

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