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Last Updated on: February 24th, 2023

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Geek Charming Description

Geek Charming (Disney Channel Original Movie)When Dylan, Woodlands Academy’s most popular junior, drops her designer handbag, the school’s film geek, Josh jumps in to retrieve it. To return the favor, she agrees to be the subject of his film for the school contest. While Josh sets out to make a film about Dylan and her social hierarchy, he finds that there’s more to her than meets the eye. Dylan agrees to be the subject of Josh’s film for a school contest.

Geek Charming Cast:
  • Sarah Hyland: Dylan Schoenfield
  • Matt Prokop: Josh Rosen
  • Sasha Pieterse: Amy Loubalu
  • Jordan Jedediah Nichols: Asher Dumentz
  • Vanessa Morgan: Hannah Mornell
  • Lili Simmons: Lola Leighton
  • David Del Rio: Ari
  • Jimmy Bellinger: Steven
  • Lilli Birdsell: Sandy Rosen
  • Andrew Airlie: Alan Schoenfield
  • Kacey Rohl: Caitlin Raven
  • Andrea Brooks: Nicole Patterson

Geek Charming Crew:
  • Director: Jeffrey Hornaday
  • Producer: Tracey Jeffrey

Geek Charming Details

Geek Charming Trailer:

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