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Get a Clue (Disney Channel Original Movie)

“Get a Clue” is a Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered in 2002. Directed by Maggie Greenwald, the film is a mystery-comedy with elements of teenage drama and adventure.

The story centers around Lexy Gold, portrayed by Lindsay Lohan, a popular and fashion-conscious high school student. When her teacher, Miss Dawson, portrayed by Amanda Plummer, goes missing, Lexy takes it upon herself to investigate the mysterious disappearance. She believes that Miss Dawson has been kidnapped and enlists the help of her friends and classmates to solve the case.

Lexy’s investigation leads her on a thrilling adventure as she uncovers clues and secrets while also dealing with typical teenage issues such as school, friendships, and romance. As she delves deeper into the case, she becomes the target of the kidnappers and must use her intelligence and quick wit to outsmart them.

Throughout the movie, Lexy learns the importance of teamwork, loyalty, and using her talents for the greater good. The film combines elements of mystery, comedy, and teenage drama, making it an engaging and entertaining watch for young audiences.

Lindsay Lohan’s portrayal of Lexy Gold was praised for her charismatic and relatable performance. The supporting cast, including Bug Hall as Jack Downey, Ian Gomez as Detective Charles Meany, and Ali Mukaddam as Gabe, also received positive feedback for their contributions to the film.

“Get a Clue” encourages viewers to think critically and problem-solve while delivering positive messages about friendship and the importance of doing the right thing. With its intriguing storyline and humorous moments, the film has remained a favorite among Disney Channel viewers over the years.

Additional Details


  • Lindsay Lohan: Alexandra “Lexy” Gold
  • Brenda Song: Jenn
  • Bug Hall: Jack Downey
  • Ian Gomez: Nicholas Petrossian / Mr. Orlando Walker
  • Ali Mukaddam: Gabe
  • Dan Lett: Frank Gold, Lexy’s father
  • Amanda Plummer: Miss Gertrude Dawson
  • Charles Shaughnessy: Detective Charles Meany / Falco Grandville
  • Kim Roberts: Mrs. Stern
  • Eric Fink: Mr. Goldblum
  • Jennifer Pisana: Taylor Gold
  • Sylvia Lennick: Mrs. Petrossian
  • Cheryl MacInnis: Mrs. Somerville
  • Timm Zemanek: Mr. Greenblatt
  • Gerry Quigley: Detective Potter
  • Keenan MacWilliam: Karen


  • Director: Maggie Greenwald
  • Producer: Josette Perrotta

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