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Gus (1976 Movie)

“Disney’s Gus” is a family sports-comedy film released in 1976. The movie revolves around the story of a donkey named Gus, who unexpectedly becomes a star player on a struggling American football team.

The plot follows Andy Petrovic (played by Edward Asner), the owner of the downtrodden California Atoms, a professional American football team. The team has been performing poorly, and they are on the brink of financial collapse. Desperate to find a way to turn things around, Andy stumbles upon Gus, a donkey with an incredible talent for placekicking footballs.

Seeing an opportunity to boost the team’s performance, Andy convinces his team’s coach, Coach Venner (played by Don Knotts), to include Gus as their new secret weapon. To everyone’s surprise, Gus becomes a sensation, making game-winning kicks and leading the team to victory. However, as the story unfolds, Gus’s secret is at risk of being revealed, and the team must find a way to keep their new star’s identity hidden from the public.

“Disney’s Gus” is known for its comedic elements, family-friendly humor, and heartwarming storyline. The film combines elements of sports, comedy, and adventure, making it an entertaining choice for audiences of all ages. It also highlights the theme of an underdog achieving success, showcasing the power of teamwork and unlikely heroes.

Though not as widely remembered as some of Disney’s other classics, “Disney’s Gus” remains a nostalgic gem for those who enjoyed it during its original release and for fans of Disney’s live-action films from the 1970s.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released: 1976
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $21.8 million
  • IMDB Link


  • Edward Asner: Hank Cooper
  • Don Knotts: Coach Venner
  • Gary Grimes: Andy Petrovic
  • Tim Conway: Crankcase
  • Louise Williams: Debbie Kovac
  • Dick Van Patten: Cal Wilson
  • Ronnie Schell: Joe Barnsdale
  • Bob Crane: Pepper
  • Johnny Unitas: Himself
  • Dick Butkus: Rob Cargil
  • Harold Gould: Charles Gwynn
  • Tom Bosley: Spinner
  • Titos Vandis: Seth Petrovis
  • Hanna Hertelendy Molly Petrovis
  • Liam Dunn: Dr. Morgan
  • Virginia O’Brien: Reporter
  • Kenneth Tobey: Asst. Warden
  • Irwin Charone: Hotel Clerk
  • Timothy Brown: Calvin Barnes
  • Jackson Bostwick: Stjepan Petrovic
  • John Orchard: Pemberton Captain
  • Richard Kiel: Tall Man
  • Henry Slate: Fan
  • Larry McCormick: N.Y. Broadcaster
  • Larry Burrell: Locker Room Announcer
  • Danny Wells: Referee
  • James Almanzar: Coach Garcia
  • Milton Frome: Lukom
  • Iris Adrian: Fan’s Wife
  • Bryan O’Byrne: Grocery Store Manager
  • Jack Manning: Mayor
  • James Brown: Mammoth Coach
  • Warde Donovan: Butcher
  • Jeanne Bates: Nurse
  • Dick Enberg: Atoms’ Announcer
  • George Putnam: TV Interviewer
  • Stu Nahan: L.A. Sportscaster


  • Director: Vincent McEveety
  • Producer: Ron Miller
  • Music: Robert Brunner

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