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Heavyweights (1995 Movie)

“Heavyweights” is a comedy film released in 1995. It was directed by Steven Brill and produced by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie follows a group of overweight boys who attend a summer weight-loss camp called Camp Hope.

The story centers around Gerry Garner, a teenager who is struggling with his weight and body image. His parents decide to send him to Camp Hope in an effort to help him lose weight and build self-confidence. The camp is owned by the fitness fanatic Tony Perkis, played by Ben Stiller in a hilarious and over-the-top performance.

At first, the boys are excited about the camp and the prospect of getting in shape, but they soon realize that Tony Perkis’ methods are extreme and cruel. He turns the camp into a boot camp-style regime, pushing the boys to their limits and depriving them of fun and normalcy.

As the boys endure the harsh conditions, they decide to rebel against Tony Perkis and take back control of their camp. They enlist the help of Pat Finley, one of the camp’s counselors, played by Jeffrey Tambor, and begin to plan their revolt.

With Pat’s guidance, the boys learn to embrace their individuality and feel empowered to stand up against the unrealistic expectations of weight loss and body image. They devise a plan to sabotage Tony Perkis’ efforts and reclaim their summer camp experience.

“Heavyweights” is a heartwarming and humorous film that delivers an important message about body positivity, self-acceptance, and the importance of embracing one’s true self. The movie uses comedy and relatable characters to address the sensitive issue of body image and the pressure to conform to societal standards.

The film features a talented ensemble cast of young actors, including Aaron Schwartz, Kenan Thompson, and Shaun Weiss, who bring humor and authenticity to their roles as the boys of Camp Hope.

“Heavyweights” has become a cult classic over the years, beloved by audiences for its positive message, comedic moments, and memorable characters. It resonates with viewers of all ages, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and feel confident in their own skin.

While “Heavyweights” was not a huge box office success upon its release, it has since gained a dedicated following and remains a cherished film among fans of family comedies and Disney movies.

Overall, “Heavyweights” is a heartwarming and entertaining film that tackles themes of body image and self-acceptance in a lighthearted and relatable way. It continues to be a beloved and influential movie that encourages audiences to celebrate their differences and love themselves for who they are.

Fun Facts

  • “Heavyweights” is a 1995 comedy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It tells the story of a group of overweight boys who attend a summer camp called Camp Hope, only to discover that it’s been taken over by a strict fitness guru, played by Ben Stiller.
  • The film marked one of the early acting roles for Ben Stiller, who portrayed the hilariously over-the-top character Tony Perkis. Stiller’s performance as the fitness-obsessed villain became one of the memorable highlights of the movie.
  • “Heavyweights” is known for its humorous and heartwarming portrayal of self-acceptance and friendship. It delivers its message that “Nobody is perfect” in a lighthearted and entertaining way, making it a beloved classic among fans of family comedies.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released:
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $17.6 million
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  • Aaron Schwartz: Gerald “Gerry” Garner
  • Ben Stiller: Tony Perkis, Jr. / Tony Perkis, Sr.
  • Tom McGowan: Pat Finley
  • Tim Blake Nelson: Roger Johnson
  • Jeffrey Tambor: Maury Garner
  • Joseph Wayne Miller: Salami Sam Dampier
  • Jerry Stiller: Harvey Bushkin
  • Anne Meara: Alice Bushkin
  • Shaun Weiss: Josh Birnbaum
  • Kenan Thompson: Roy Murphy
  • Leah Lail: Julie Belcher
  • Paul Feig: Tim Orford
  • Tom Hodges: Lars
  • Max Goldblatt: Phillip Grubenov
  • Allen Covert: Kenny Parry
  • Cody Burger: Cody Farley
  • David Goldman: Nicholas Wales
  • Judd Apatow: Homer Sxhulz
  • Lia Lucis: Herself
  • Lauren Michelle Hill – Angelic Girl-Josie


  • Director: Steven Brill
  • Producers: Roger Birnbaum, Joe Roth, Morgan Michael Fottrell, Charles J.D. Schlissel and Jack Giarraputo
  • Music: J. A. C. Redford

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