Hello Again

Last Updated on: October 18th, 2023

Hello Again (Touchstone Movie)

“Hello Again” is a romantic fantasy comedy film released in 1987, directed by Frank Perry. The movie stars Shelley Long in the lead role and features a talented ensemble cast, including Judith Ivey, Gabriel Byrne, and Corbin Bernsen.

The story revolves around Lucy Chadman (played by Shelley Long), a housewife who is deeply in love with her husband, Jason (played by Corbin Bernsen). Tragically, she dies unexpectedly during a routine medical procedure. However, her spirit is given a second chance when she is magically brought back to life a year later by an eccentric, mystical woman named Zelda (played by Judith Ivey).

Lucy returns to the world as if no time has passed, but she quickly discovers that her husband has moved on with his life. Feeling lost and out of place, she navigates through a series of humorous and heartfelt situations as she tries to reconnect with Jason and reclaim her former life.

Throughout her journey, Lucy also encounters other people from her past, including her childhood friend, her sister, and her husband’s mistress, adding further layers of complexity and humor to the plot.

“Hello Again” is a whimsical and touching tale that explores themes of love, loss, and the significance of seizing second chances. Shelley Long delivers a standout performance as Lucy, bringing both charm and vulnerability to the character. The film successfully blends comedic elements with heartfelt moments, providing audiences with a mix of laughter and emotional resonance.

The ensemble cast delivers excellent performances, and their chemistry creates a believable and engaging world for the story to unfold.

While “Hello Again” might not have received critical acclaim upon its release, it has gained a cult following over the years, appreciated for its unique concept, strong performances, and heartfelt moments. The film remains an enjoyable watch for those who appreciate romantic comedies with a touch of fantasy and a heartfelt message about the power of love and second chances.

Additional Details


  • Shelley Long: Lucy Chadman
  • Judith Ivey: Zelda
  • Gabriel Byrne: Kevin Scanlon
  • Corbin Bernsen: Jason Chadman
  • Sela Ward: Kim Lacey
  • Austin Pendleton: Junior Lacey
  • Carrie Nye: Regina Holt
  • Robert Lewis: Phineas Devereaux
  • Madeleine Potter: Felicity Glick
  • Thor Fields: Danny Chadman


  • Director: Frank Perry
  • Producer: Frank Perry
  • Writer: Susan Isacs

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