Herbie: Fully Loaded

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Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005 Movie)

“Herbie: Fully Loaded” is a comedy-adventure film released in 2005. It is the fifth installment in the “Herbie” film series and a reboot of the original “The Love Bug” movie from 1968. The film is a collaboration between Walt Disney Pictures and Robert Simonds Productions and was directed by Angela Robinson.

The movie stars Lindsay Lohan as Maggie Peyton, a young woman who comes from a family with a rich racing history. On her graduation day, Maggie acquires a beat-up, old Volkswagen Beetle as a gift from her father, played by Michael Keaton. Unbeknownst to Maggie, the car is no ordinary vehicle; it is the anthropomorphic, self-aware, and mischievous Volkswagen Beetle known as Herbie.

As Maggie starts to bond with Herbie, she discovers his extraordinary abilities on the racetrack. Impressed by Herbie’s performance, she decides to enter the car in a local NASCAR race. With the help of her friend Kevin, played by Justin Long, and her mechanic, played by Breckin Meyer, Maggie embarks on a journey to compete in the prestigious NASCAR series and prove Herbie’s racing potential.

As the story unfolds, Herbie faces various challenges, including rival drivers and skeptical racing teams. However, with determination, perseverance, and the belief that Herbie is more than just a car, Maggie strives to show the world that the little Beetle has what it takes to win on the big stage.

“Herbie: Fully Loaded” is a heartwarming family film that combines humor, action, and a touch of nostalgia for fans of the original “Herbie” movies. It continues the tradition of the lovable, sentient Volkswagen Beetle with a knack for getting into amusing and exciting adventures.

The film received mixed reviews from critics but was generally well-received by audiences, particularly families and fans of the “Herbie” franchise. Lindsay Lohan’s portrayal of Maggie Peyton and the charming interactions between her character and Herbie were praised by viewers.

“Herbie: Fully Loaded” adds a modern twist to the classic “Love Bug” story, reminding audiences of the enduring appeal of the lovable little car and its ability to bring joy and laughter to viewers of all ages.

Fun Facts

  • “Herbie: Fully Loaded” is a 2005 film and is considered a reboot of the “Herbie the Love Bug” series. It stars Lindsay Lohan as Maggie Peyton, a young woman who discovers and restores Herbie, the beloved Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own.
  • The film features several NASCAR personalities, including NASCAR drivers such as Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Tony Stewart. Their appearances in the movie add a real racing element to the story as Herbie competes in NASCAR races.
  • “Herbie: Fully Loaded” pays homage to the original films in the series by incorporating references and Easter eggs for longtime fans. For example, there are scenes that nod to Herbie’s previous adventures, and the iconic number “53” prominently appears on Herbie’s hood once again.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $144.1 million
  • IMDB Link


  • Lindsay Lohan: Maggie Peyton
  • Justin Long: Kevin
  • Michael Keaton: Ray Peyton Sr.
  • Breckin Meyer: Ray Peyton Jr.
  • Matt Dillon: Trip Murphy
  • Cheryl Hines: Sally
  • Jimmi Simpson: Crash
  • Jill Ritchie: Charisma
  • Thomas Lennon: Larry Murphy
  • Jeremy Roberts: Crazy Dave
  • Monica Manning: Monica Armstrong


  • Director: Vincent McEveety
  • Producers: Kevin Corcoran. Ron Miller and Don Tait
  • Music: Frank De Vol

Movie Trailer:

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