High Heels and Low Lifes

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High Heels and Low Lifes (Touchstone Movie)

“High Heels and Low Lifes” is a British comedy film released in 2001, directed by Mel Smith. The movie stars Minnie Driver as Shannon, a struggling actress, and Mary McCormack as Frances, a nurse. The story revolves around these two friends who accidentally stumble upon a crime and decide to take matters into their own hands to make some money.

Shannon and Frances are roommates and best friends living in London. Shannon is frustrated with her acting career, while Frances is struggling to balance her demanding nursing job with her personal life. One night, while they are listening to a police scanner, they overhear a bank heist in progress near their apartment.

In a moment of spontaneity, Shannon and Frances decide to blackmail the criminals responsible for the robbery. They use a video camera to record the criminals’ faces during the heist and demand a ransom for the footage. However, things take an unexpected turn when the criminals refuse to comply, and instead, they threaten the two friends.

As the situation escalates, Shannon and Frances find themselves caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the criminals. They must come up with a clever plan to outsmart the dangerous gang and save their lives. In the process, they uncover unexpected alliances and display courage they didn’t know they had.

“High Heels and Low Lifes” combines elements of comedy and action, creating a thrilling and humorous ride. The film explores the strength of friendship and the ability of ordinary people to rise to the occasion when faced with extraordinary circumstances.

Minnie Driver and Mary McCormack deliver strong performances, showcasing their comedic chemistry and vulnerability as they navigate through the dangerous situation they find themselves in. The film’s witty dialogue and clever plot twists keep audiences engaged and entertained throughout.

While “High Heels and Low Lifes” may not have been a commercial success, it has gained a cult following among fans of British comedy and action films. It is a fun and quirky movie that offers an enjoyable blend of laughs and thrills, making it an entertaining watch for those seeking an offbeat and enjoyable cinematic experience.

Additional Details


  • Minnie Driver: Shannon
  • Mary McCormack: Frances
  • Kevin McNally: Mason
  • Mark Williams: Tremaine
  • Len Collin: Barry
  • Danny Dyer: Danny
  • Darren Boyd: Ray
  • Michael Gambon: Kerrigan
  • Kevin Eldon: McGill
  • Hugh Bonneville: Farmer
  • Mel Smith: Man at Train Station
  • Ben Farrow: Julian


  • Director: Mel Smith
  • Producers: Uri Fruchtmann and Barnaby Thompson
  • Screenplay: Kim Fuller

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