Hot Lead And Cold Feet

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Hot Lead And Cold Feet (1978 Movie)

“Hot Lead and Cold Feet” is a Disney comedy-western film released in 1978. The movie is set in the Old West and revolves around the story of a good-natured drifter named Eli Bloodshy, played by Jim Dale. Eli is a twin, and he has two look-alike brothers: Wild Billy Bloodshy, a notorious outlaw, and Jasper Bloodshy, the town’s sheriff.

When their father, a wealthy prospector, passes away, he leaves behind a will that states his fortune will be inherited by the son who can prove himself worthy. To determine the rightful heir, the three brothers are tasked with a series of challenges and tests.

As the brothers compete for the inheritance, hilarity ensues as Eli tries to keep his twin brothers’ true identities a secret. Wild Billy and Jasper are both convinced they are the rightful heir, leading to comical misunderstandings and mistaken identities throughout the film.

Adding to the mix are various quirky characters, including a group of eccentric townspeople and a feisty love interest named Abigail, played by Karen Valentine. Abigail is the town’s schoolteacher and has a connection to all three brothers, making the situation even more complicated.

As the competition unfolds, the brothers must work together and overcome their differences to face a common enemy, a ruthless outlaw named Rattlesnake, played by Don Knotts. The final showdown takes place during a high-stakes horse race, where the brothers must prove themselves once and for all.

“Hot Lead and Cold Feet” is a family-friendly film that combines elements of comedy, adventure, and western themes. It is known for its light-hearted humor, entertaining performances, and classic Disney charm. The movie is a fun and entertaining watch for audiences of all ages, offering a lighthearted escape to the Wild West and delivering a positive message about family, teamwork, and the importance of being true to oneself.

Additional Details


  • Jim Dale: Jasper Bloodshy/Wild Billy Bloodshy/Eli Bloodshy
  • Karen Valentine: Jenny, a teacher
  • Don Knotts: Sheriff Denver Kid
  • Darren McGavin: Mayor Ragsdale
  • Jack Elam: Rattlesnake
  • Dallas McKennon: Saloon Man
  • John Williams: Mansfield
  • Warren Vanders: Boss Snead
  • Debbie Lytton: Roxanne
  • Michael Sharrett: Marcus
  • David Cass: Jack
  • Richard Wright: Pete
  • Don “Red” Barry: Bartender
  • Jimmy Van Patten: Jake
  • Gregg Palmer: Jeff
  • Ed Bakey: Joshua
  • John Steadman: Old Codger
  • Eric Server: Cowboy
  • Paul Lukather: Cowboy
  • Hap Lawrence: Cowboy
  • Robert Rothwell: Cowboy
  • Terry Nichols: Prisoner
  • Stanley Clements: Saloon Man
  • Don Brodie: Saloon Man
  • Warde Donovan: Saloon Man
  • Ron Honthaner: Saloon Man
  • Norland Benson: Farmer
  • Jack Bender: Farmer
  • Jim Whitecloud: Indian Chief
  • Brad Weston: Indian
  • Russ Fast: Official
  • Mike Howden: Official
  • Art Burke: Official
  • James Michaelford: Dead-Eye


  • Director: Robert Butler
  • Producer: Ron Miller
  • Music: Buddy Baker and Joseph Dubin

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