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Houseguest (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

“Houseguest” is a comedy film released in 1995, directed by Randall Miller. The movie stars Sinbad as Kevin Franklin and Phil Hartman as Gary Young, with Kim Greist and Jeffrey Jones in supporting roles.

The story follows Kevin Franklin, a con artist on the run from mobsters whom he owes money. Desperate to escape his pursuers, Kevin assumes the identity of a long-lost childhood friend, Dr. Kevin Dunne, a dentist from out of town.

Kevin ends up at the doorstep of Gary Young, a struggling suburban dentist, and his unsuspecting family. Gary is excited to be reunited with his childhood friend and welcomes him into his home, not realizing Kevin’s true intentions.

As Kevin tries to maintain his disguise and keep the mobsters at bay, he gets entangled in the Young family’s lives and must navigate the challenges of pretending to be someone he’s not.

“Houseguest” is known for its humor and the comedic performances of Sinbad and Phil Hartman. The film offers a mix of fish-out-of-water scenarios, mistaken identities, and humorous moments as Kevin tries to adapt to his new role and evade his pursuers.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics but has been appreciated by audiences who enjoy light-hearted and entertaining comedies.

“Houseguest” serves as a touchstone for viewers seeking a fun and feel-good comedy that delivers laughs and heartwarming moments. It remains a light and enjoyable film that provides a dose of humor and escapism with its entertaining blend of mistaken identities and comedic situations.

Additional Details


  • Sinbad: Kevin Franklin
  • Phil Hartman: Gary Young
  • Kim Greist: Emily Young
  • Kim Murphy: Brooke Young
  • Chauncey Leopardi: Jason Young
  • Talia Seider: Sarah Young
  • Paul Ben-Victor: Pauly Gasperini
  • Tony Longo: Joey Gasperini
  • Jeffrey Jones: Ron Timmerman
  • Stan Shaw: Larry, the Tattoo Artist
  • Ron Glass: Dr. Derek Bond
  • Kevin Jordan: Steve ‘ST-3’, Brooke’s boyfriend
  • Mason Adams: Mr. Pike
  • Patricia Fraser: Mrs. Nancy Pike
  • Don Brockett: Happy Marcelli
  • Kevin West: Vincent Montgomery
  • Ron Newell: Dr. Walter Kraft
  • Susan Chapek: Nurse Brenda
  • Kirk Baily: Stuart the Manager
  • Valerie Long: Sister Mary Winters
  • Wynonna Smith: Lynn, Kevin’s fiancee
  • Jesse Rivera: Kevin, aged 12


  • Director: Randall Miller
  • Producers: Joe Roth and Roger Birnbaum
  • Writers: Michael Di Gaetano and Lawrence Gay

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