Inferior Decorator

Last Updated on: January 20th, 2024

Inferior Decorator disney shortIn the animated short Inferior Decorator, Spike the bee finds himself buzzing around Donald Duck’s garden, diligently pollinating flowers. However, his peaceful task is interrupted when he hears Donald’s singing from inside the house. Mistaking the colorful wallpaper for actual flowers, Spike decides to investigate and explore the vibrant display.

Little does Spike know, Donald has a mischievous streak and decides to have some fun at the bee’s expense. Donald playfully traps Spike in a patch of glue on the wallpaper but quickly releases him, causing the bee to accidentally collide with the light fixture. Donald seizes the opportunity and swiftly pushes Spike outside, closing the window behind him.

Seeking revenge, Spike comes up with a mischievous plan. He removes the key from the lock, intending to sting Donald’s rear end as payback. However, his aim goes awry, and he becomes stuck in the wallpaper glue instead. Donald tries to free Spike by tugging at the wallpaper, but only succeeds in getting his own hands trapped in the sticky mess.

Spotting an opportunity, Spike decides to give Donald another shot. He dives at him with his stinger, but Donald cleverly evades the bee and uses a bottle cork as a shield. Unfortunately, Spike manages to remove the cork from his stinger and makes another attempt, but again misses his mark. Undeterred, Spike discovers Donald hiding on the ceiling within the wallpaper.

With precision, Spike cuts open the wallpaper with his stinger, revealing Donald’s rear end. Realizing he can’t take on Donald alone, Spike whistles to the bees in the beehive and orchestrates a strategic plan. One by one, the bees enter through the keyhole, eagerly taking turns to sting Donald’s rear end.

This comical and chaotic sequence of events showcases the playful rivalry between Donald Duck and Spike the bee, resulting in a humorous and entertaining animated short.

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  • Director: Jack Hannah
  • Producer: Walt Disney
  • Music: Oliver Wallace

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