Jumping Ship

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Jumping Ship (Disney Channel Original Movie)

“Jumping Ship” is a Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered in 2001. It is a sequel to the 1998 film “Horse Sense.” The movie follows the adventures of two brothers, Michael (played by Joey Lawrence) and Tommy (played by Matthew Lawrence), who embark on a sailing trip to Australia.

In the film, Michael and Tommy are wealthy brothers who inherit their grandfather’s yacht. Excited about the opportunity for an adventure, they set sail to Australia with their cousin, Nigel (played by Andrew Lawrence). However, their excitement turns into a challenge when they encounter a sudden storm that damages the yacht and leaves them stranded on a deserted island in the Pacific.

On the island, the brothers must learn to survive and work together to find a way back home. They face various challenges, including building shelter, finding food, and overcoming their differences. Along the way, they befriend a native islander named Mi (played by Anthony Wong) who helps them adapt to the island life.

As Michael and Tommy spend time on the island, they learn valuable life lessons about teamwork, resourcefulness, and the importance of family. They also discover that money and material possessions are not the most significant things in life. The experience brings them closer together and helps them gain a deeper appreciation for each other.

“Jumping Ship” is a heartwarming and adventurous film that teaches valuable lessons about family, friendship, and personal growth. The Lawrence brothers’ performances and the beautiful island setting add to the charm of the movie. It promotes the idea that sometimes, the most memorable and transformative experiences come from unexpected situations.

The film received positive reviews from its target audience and is fondly remembered as a classic Disney Channel movie. “Jumping Ship” continues to be appreciated for its themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the importance of family bonds.

Additional Details


  • Joey Lawrence: Michael Woods
  • Matthew Lawrence: Jake Hunter
  • Andrew Lawrence: Tommy Biggs
  • Anthony Wong: Frakes
  • Jaime Passier-Armstrong: Jonas
  • Martin Dingle-Wall: Dante
  • Susan Walters: Jules Biggs
  • Stephen Burleigh: Glen Woods
  • Todd Worden: Mark Sanders
  • Carly Movizio: Heather Hitt
  • Jack Heywood: Valet


  • Director: Michael Lange
  • Producer: Diane Gutterud

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