King Arthur

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King Arthur (Touchstone Movie)

“King Arthur” is a 2004 historical adventure film directed by Antoine Fuqua. The movie presents a reimagining of the legend of King Arthur, blending historical elements with mythology and fantasy.

Set in the early 5th century, the film follows Arthur, portrayed by Clive Owen, who leads a band of Sarmatian knights in service to the Roman Empire. Their service is coming to an end, but before they can return to their homeland, they are given one final mission: rescue a Roman noble family from invading Saxons and deliver them to safety.

As they embark on their quest, Arthur and his knights encounter the ruthless Saxon leader Cerdic, played by Stellan Skarsgård, and the mysterious and powerful sorceress Morgana, portrayed by Keira Knightley. Throughout their journey, they face fierce battles and moral dilemmas that test their loyalty, honor, and belief in the code they live by.

The film presents Arthur as a reluctant hero who questions his loyalty to Rome and his duty as a leader. It explores the theme of identity and the struggle between personal convictions and the expectations of others. Keira Knightley’s portrayal of Guinevere, a warrior-woman who fights alongside Arthur’s knights, brings a fresh and empowered perspective to the traditional character.

“King Arthur” stands out with its gritty and realistic depiction of medieval warfare, emphasizing the brutality and harshness of the time period. The battle sequences are intense and visually striking, adding to the film’s action-packed narrative.

Although “King Arthur” received mixed reviews from critics, it has gained a following among fans of historical and fantasy epics. The film’s unique take on the legendary story, strong performances, and impressive action sequences contribute to its appeal.

Overall, “King Arthur” offers an engaging and entertaining adventure that combines elements of history, mythology, and fantasy, providing a fresh perspective on the iconic legend of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table.

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  • Clive Owen: Arthur
  • Ioan Gruffudd: Lancelot
  • Mads Mikkelsen: Tristan
  • Joel Edgerton: Gawain
  • Hugh Dancy: Galahad
  • Ray Winstone: Bors
  • Ray Stevenson: Dagonet
  • Keira Knightley: Guinevere
  • Stephen Dillane: Merlin
  • Stellan Skarsgård: Cerdic
  • Til Schweiger: Cynric
  • Sean Gilder: Jols
  • Pat Kinevane: Horton
  • Ivano Marescotti: Bishop Germanus
  • Ken Stott: Marius Honorius
  • Lorenzo De Angelis: Alecto
  • Stefania Orsola Garello: Fulcinia
  • Alan Devine: British scout
  • Charlie Creed-Miles: Ganis
  • Johnny Brennan: Lucan
  • David Murray: Merlin’s lieutenant
  • Dawn Bradfield: Vanora
  • Maria Gładkowska: Igraine


  • Director: Antoine Fuqua
  • Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer
  • Writer: David Franzoni
  • Music: Hans Zimmer

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