Last Dance

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Last Dance (Touchstone Movie)

“Last Dance” is a drama film released in 1996, directed by Bruce Beresford and starring Sharon Stone and Rob Morrow in the lead roles. The movie revolves around Cindy Liggett, played by Sharon Stone, a woman on death row who is just days away from being executed for a crime she committed 12 years earlier. Rob Morrow portrays Rick Hayes, a public defender who takes on her case in a last-ditch effort to save her life.

The story alternates between the present-day preparations for Cindy’s execution and flashbacks that reveal the events that led to her arrest and conviction. As Rick delves deeper into the case, he begins to uncover new evidence and inconsistencies that suggest Cindy might be innocent. He becomes determined to find the truth and seek justice for her.

Throughout the film, Cindy and Rick form a bond as they navigate the legal system and face opposition from those who want to see Cindy’s execution carried out. The movie explores themes of redemption, second chances, and the flaws in the justice system.

“Last Dance” showcases powerful performances from Sharon Stone and Rob Morrow, capturing the emotional turmoil and resilience of their characters. The film is a gripping and thought-provoking legal drama that challenges viewers to consider the complexities of the death penalty and the importance of ensuring justice is served.

While “Last Dance” received mixed reviews from critics, it remains a compelling film that engages audiences with its intense storytelling and poignant themes. It serves as a reminder of the human cost of capital punishment and the impact of one person’s actions on the lives of others.

Additional Details


  • Rob Morrow: Rick Hayes
  • Sharon Stone: Cindy Ligget
  • Randy Quaid: Sam Burns
  • Peter Gallagher: John Hayes
  • Jack Thompson: The Governor
  • Jayne Brook: Jill
  • Pamala Tyson: Linda, Legal Aid Attorney
  • Skeet Ulrich: Billy Ligget
  • Don Harvey: Doug
  • Diane Sellers: Inmate Reggie
  • Patricia French: Guard Frances
  • Ralph Wilcox: Warden Rice
  • Buck Ford: D.A. Rusk
  • Dave Hager: Detective Vollo
  • Christine Cattell: Louise
  • Peg Allen: Helen
  • Meg Tilly: stripper


  • Director: Bruce Beresford
  • Producer: Steven Haft
  • Writers: Steven Haft and Ron Koslow

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