Little Indian Big City

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Little Indian Big City (Touchstone Movie)“Little Indian, Big City” is a French comedy film released in 1994. It was directed by Hervé Palud and stars Thierry Lhermitte, Patrick Timsit, and Ludwig Briand in the lead roles. The film is a French adaptation of the American comedy “Jungle 2 Jungle.”

The story revolves around Stephane (Thierry Lhermitte), a successful businessman living in Paris, who is estranged from his ex-wife and their 13-year-old son, Mimi-Siku (Ludwig Briand). Stephane’s life takes an unexpected turn when Mimi-Siku arrives in Paris from the Amazon rainforest. Mimi-Siku’s mother, who has been living with a tribe in the jungle, sends him to his father in the city to experience modern life and learn about his roots.

The clash of cultures and lifestyles between Mimi-Siku’s tribal upbringing and the fast-paced urban life of Paris leads to a series of hilarious and heartwarming situations. While trying to adapt to the city life, Mimi-Siku charms everyone he meets with his innocence, curiosity, and unique abilities acquired from his jungle upbringing.

As Stephane struggles to reconnect with his son and fulfill his responsibilities as a father, he gradually learns the importance of family, love, and embracing one’s roots. Through various comical misadventures, the father-son duo starts to bond, and Stephane gains a newfound appreciation for the simpler and more meaningful aspects of life.

“Little Indian, Big City” is known for its light-hearted humor, fish-out-of-water scenarios, and heartwarming themes of family and cultural understanding. The film’s universal message of embracing diversity and finding common ground resonated with audiences worldwide.

The movie’s success led to an American remake titled “Jungle 2 Jungle,” which starred Tim Allen and was released in 1997. Despite mixed reviews, “Little Indian, Big City” remains a beloved comedy film in France and a memorable cultural exchange story that continues to entertain audiences with its humor and heart.

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  • Little Indian Big City (Touchstone Movie)Thierry Lhermitte: Stéphane Marchadot
  • Patrick Timsit: Richard Montignac
  • Ludwig Briand: Mimi-Siku
  • Miou-Miou: Patricia Marchadot
  • Arielle Dombasle: Charlotte
  • Tolsty: Pavel
  • Sonia Vollereaux: Marie
  • Jackie Berroyer: Lawyer Joanovici
  • Marc de Jonge: Rossberg
  • Louba Guertchikoff: Mrs. Godette
  • Philippe Bruneau: Mr. Maréchal
  • Dominique Besnehard: Maître Dong
  • Cheik Doukouré: Mr. Bonaventure
  • Marie-Charlotte Leclaire: Rossberg’s Secretary
  • Olga Jirouskova: Sonia Koutchnoukov
  • Chick Ortega: Russian
  • Paco Portero: The Snake Man
  • Sonia Lezinska: Stewardess
  • Marc Brunet: Policeman
  • Olivier Hémon: Policeman
  • Thierry Desroses: Customs Officer
  • Katja Weitzenböck: Miss Van Hodden
  • Pauline Pinsolle: Sophie Montignac
  • Stanley Zana: Jonathan
  • Gaston Dolle: Benjamin


  • Director: Herve Palud
  • Producers: Thierry Lhermitte and Louis Becker
  • Writers: Herve Palud, Phillippe Bruneau and Thierry Lhemitte

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