Mad Love

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Mad Love (Touchstone Movie)

“Mad Love” is a romantic drama film released in 1995, directed by Antonia Bird and starring Chris O’Donnell and Drew Barrymore. The story revolves around Matt Leland (Chris O’Donnell), a high school student living in Seattle, who meets and falls in love with Casey Roberts (Drew Barrymore), a troubled young woman with a history of mental health issues.

Matt is a talented and popular student, while Casey is a free-spirited and rebellious artist. Despite their differences, they are drawn to each other and form a deep connection. However, Casey’s emotional instability and impulsive behavior begin to strain their relationship.

As their love story unfolds, Matt becomes increasingly concerned about Casey’s mental health. He tries to help her seek professional treatment, but Casey is resistant to the idea and believes she can handle her emotions on her own. As her behavior becomes more unpredictable and dangerous, Matt must grapple with his feelings for her while trying to protect her from harm.

The film explores themes of mental health, love, and the complexities of young relationships. It delves into the challenges of supporting a loved one struggling with mental illness and the impact it can have on both individuals involved.

“Mad Love” received mixed reviews from critics upon its release, with praise for the performances of Chris O’Donnell and Drew Barrymore. Their chemistry on screen and portrayal of two young individuals navigating a difficult relationship was widely appreciated.

The movie’s soundtrack also received positive feedback, featuring songs from popular artists of the time, adding to the emotional depth of the film.

“Mad Love” remains a lesser-known romantic drama from the 1990s, but its exploration of mental health issues and the intensity of young love make it a poignant and thought-provoking watch for those interested in heartfelt and emotional storytelling.

Additional Details


  • Chris O’Donnell: Matt Leland
  • Drew Barrymore: Casey Roberts
  • Matthew Lillard: Eric
  • Joan Allen: Margaret Roberts
  • Sarah Haugland: High School Extra
  • Jude Ciccolella: Richard Roberts
  • Amy Sakasitz: Joanna Leland
  • Kevin Dunn: Clifford Leland
  • Elaine Miles: Housekeeper


  • Director: Antonia Bird
  • Producers: Steve Golin and David Manson

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