Mars Needs Moms

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Mars Needs Moms (2011 Movie)

“Mars Needs Moms” is a 3D computer-animated science fiction adventure film released in 2011 by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie is directed by Simon Wells and is based on the children’s book of the same name by Berkeley Breathed.

The story is set on Earth and Mars and revolves around a young boy named Milo, voiced by Seth Green, who has a strained relationship with his mother, voiced by Joan Cusack. One night, Milo witnesses aliens landing on Earth and abducting his mother, taking her to Mars. Determined to save her, Milo stows away on the spaceship and embarks on an intergalactic journey.

On Mars, Milo discovers that the aliens are planning to extract his mother’s “momness” to use as a programming template for their robotic nanny army. The Martians believe that their own parenting methods are inefficient, and they are convinced that the nurturing and care that human mothers provide is the key to raising their children.

With the help of a rebellious Martian girl named Gribble, voiced by Dan Fogler, and a unique alien named Ki, voiced by Elisabeth Harnois, Milo sets out to rescue his mom and return her to Earth. Throughout their adventure, Milo learns the true value of family, love, and the bond between a mother and her child.

“Mars Needs Moms” was notable for its motion capture technology, where the performances of live-action actors were captured and translated into animated characters. The film was praised for its stunning visuals and heartwarming themes, but it also received criticism for its darker tone, which some felt was not suitable for young audiences.

Despite positive aspects, “Mars Needs Moms” faced challenges at the box office and was considered a commercial failure, leading to significant financial losses for Disney. However, over the years, the film has gained a small cult following and is appreciated for its unique animation style and emotional storytelling.

While “Mars Needs Moms” might not have achieved the success Disney had hoped for, it remains a part of the studio’s diverse collection of animated films. It continues to be an interesting and thought-provoking addition to the Disney filmography, exploring themes of family, love, and the importance of cherishing the relationship between parents and children.

Mars Needs Moms

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released: 2011
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $39 million
  • IMDB Link


  • Seth Green: Milo (motion capture)
  • Seth Dusky: Milo (voice)
  • Dan Fogler: George “Gribble” Ribble
  • Elisabeth Harnois: Ki
  • Mindy Sterling: The Supervisor
  • Joan Cusack: Milo’s mother
  • Kevin Cahoon: Wingnut
  • Tom Everett Scott: Milo’s father
  • Dee Bradley Baker: Two-Cat
  • Liam and Edgar Wells: Robot Martians


  • Director: Simon Wells
  • Producers: Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Steve Starkey and Steven Boyd
  • Music: John Powell

Movie Trailer:

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