Medicine Man

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Medicine Man (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

“Medicine Man” is an adventure drama film released in 1992, directed by John McTiernan. The movie stars Sean Connery as Dr. Robert Campbell and Lorraine Bracco as Dr. Rae Crane.

The story follows Dr. Robert Campbell, a brilliant and eccentric scientist, who has been working deep in the Amazon rainforest for years, searching for a cure for cancer. He believes that a rare and elusive species of ants might hold the key to a breakthrough medicine.

Dr. Rae Crane, a researcher from a pharmaceutical company, is sent to the rainforest to assess Campbell’s progress and potentially shut down the research if no results are found. At first, she clashes with Campbell due to his unorthodox methods and isolation from modern technology.

As the two scientists work together, they face challenges, including threats from loggers who want to exploit the rainforest and environmental destruction. Together, they go on a thrilling journey to find the elusive ants and potentially save millions of lives with the discovery of a groundbreaking medicine.

“Medicine Man” is known for its breathtaking jungle scenery, the chemistry between Sean Connery and Lorraine Bracco, and its exploration of the balance between scientific progress and environmental preservation.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, but it has become a touchstone for viewers interested in adventure stories with an environmental message and themes of scientific discovery.

“Medicine Man” serves as a touchstone for those seeking an exciting and thought-provoking adventure film, as well as a reflection on the importance of preserving nature and respecting the delicate balance between scientific exploration and the protection of the environment.

Additional Details


  • Sean Connery: Dr. Robert Campbell
  • Lorraine Bracco: Dr. Rae Crane
  • José Wilker: Dr. Miguel Ornega
  • José Lavat: Government Man


  • Director: John McTiernan
  • Producers: Donna Dubrow, Andrew Vajna and Sean Connery
  • Writers: Tom Schulman and Sally Robinson

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