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Minutemen (Disney Channel Original Movie)

“Minutemen” is a Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered in 2008. It is a science fiction comedy film that follows the story of three high school students who accidentally invent a time machine.

The main characters are Virgil Fox (Jason Dolley), Charlie Tuttle (Luke Benward), and Stephanie Jameson (Chelsea Kane). They are a group of misfit friends who are tired of being bullied and treated unfairly by the popular students at school. One day, they come up with the idea of creating a time machine to go back and fix their past mistakes, thus making their present lives better.

With the help of Virgil’s genius inventions, the trio successfully builds a time machine, which they call “Project Destiny.” They use it to travel back in time to fix their embarrassing and regretful moments. However, as they continue to make changes to their past, they discover that altering the past has consequences for their present lives.

As the story unfolds, they must find a balance between fixing their mistakes and accepting themselves for who they are. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about friendship, acceptance, and the importance of embracing one’s true self.

“Minutemen” combines elements of science fiction, comedy, and coming-of-age themes. It offers a lighthearted and entertaining adventure that is relatable to young audiences, addressing issues such as peer pressure, self-acceptance, and the complexities of high school life.

The movie received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike for its witty humor, engaging storyline, and talented performances by the young cast. It has become a favorite among Disney Channel fans and remains a cherished part of the network’s collection of original movies.

“Minutemen” ultimately delivers a heartwarming message about being true to oneself and appreciating the uniqueness of each individual. It encourages viewers to value their friendships and embrace their imperfections, making it a feel-good movie with a positive impact on its audience.

Additional Details


  • Jason Dolley: Virgil Fox
  • Luke Benward: Charlie Tuttle
  • Nicholas Braun: Zeke Thompson
  • Chelsea Staub: Stephanie Jameson
  • J.P. Manoux: Vice Principal Tolkan
  • Steven R. McQueen: Derek Beaugard
  • Kara Crane: Jeanette Pachelewski
  • Dexter Darden: Chester
  • Kellie Cockrell: Jocelyn Lee
  • Molly Jepson: Amy Fox


  • Director: Lev L. Spiro
  • Producer: Douglas Sloan

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