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Miracle (2004 Movie)

“Miracle” is a sports drama film released in 2004 and is based on the true story of the 1980 United States men’s hockey team and their improbable victory at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York.

The film follows the journey of coach Herb Brooks (played by Kurt Russell) as he assembles a team of young and talented college players to represent the United States at the Winter Olympics. The team faces skepticism and doubt from the hockey community due to the dominance of professional players from other countries, especially the Soviet Union, who were heavily favored to win.

Brooks puts the team through rigorous training and challenges them to work together as a cohesive unit. He instills a belief in them that they can defeat the Soviet team, who were considered unbeatable. The pivotal moment of the film is the iconic “Miracle on Ice” game, where the United States pulls off a stunning upset by defeating the Soviet Union in the semi-final.

The movie captures the intensity and emotions of the players and the coach, as well as the impact of the victory on the entire nation. The United States went on to win the gold medal by defeating Finland in the final, cementing their place in history as one of the greatest underdog stories in sports.

Directed by Gavin O’Connor, “Miracle” is a powerful and inspiring portrayal of determination, teamwork, and the indomitable spirit of athletes. It celebrates the triumph of the human spirit and the ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

The film received critical acclaim for its performances, direction, and portrayal of the historical event. Kurt Russell’s portrayal of Coach Herb Brooks was particularly praised for its authenticity and depth.

“Miracle” remains a beloved sports movie and a testament to the power of sports to bring a nation together and inspire generations. It serves as a reminder of the impact that a group of dedicated individuals can have on the world when they believe in themselves and work together towards a common goal.

Fun Facts

  • “Miracle” is a Disney sports drama film released in 2004. It tells the true story of the U.S. men’s ice hockey team’s improbable victory at the 1980 Winter Olympics, where they defeated the heavily favored Soviet Union team in the “Miracle on Ice.”
  • The film is known for its authenticity in recreating the historical events of the 1980 Winter Olympics. The actors underwent rigorous training to capture the physicality and skill of ice hockey, and many scenes were filmed at the actual Lake Placid Olympic Center where the events took place.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released:
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $64.4 million
  • IMDB Link


  • Kurt Russell: Herb Brooks
  • Patricia Clarkson: Patti Brooks
  • Noah Emmerich: Craig Patrick
  • Sean McCann: Walter Bush
  • Kenneth Welsh: Doc Nagobads
  • Eddie Cahill: Jim Craig
  • Patrick O’Brien Demsey: Mike Eruzione
  • Michael Mantenuto: Jack O’Callahan
  • Nathan West: Rob McClanahan
  • Kenneth Mitchell: Ralph Cox
  • Eric Peter-Kaiser: Mark Johnson
  • Bobby Hanson: Dave Silk
  • Joseph Cure: Mike Ramsey
  • Billy Schneider: Buzz Schneider
  • Nate Miller: John Harrington
  • Chris Koch: Mark Pavelich
  • Kris Wilson: Phil Verchota
  • Stephen Kovalcik: Dave Christian
  • Sam Skoryna: Steve Janaszak
  • Pete Duffy: Bob Suter
  • Nick Postle: Bill Baker
  • Casey Burnette: Ken Morrow
  • Scott Johnson: Steve Christoff
  • Trevor Alto: Neal Broten
  • Robbie MacGregor: Eric Strobel
  • Joe Hemsworth: Mark Wells
  • Zinaid Memišević: Viktor Tikhonov
  • Adam Knight: Tim Harrer


  • Directors: Gavin O’Connor
  • Producers: Mark Ciardi, Gordon Gray, Ross Greenburg, Justis Greene, Jon Mone and Greg O’Connor
  • Music: Mark Isham

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