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Monkeys Go Home! Description

Monkeys Go Home! (1967 Movie)

“Monkeys, Go Home!” is a Disney live-action comedy film released in 1967. The movie is set in a small French village called Château-Thierry and follows the misadventures of a struggling American engineer named Henry Dussard, played by Dean Jones.

Henry Dussard inherits an olive farm in France from his late uncle and decides to move there to start a new life. However, he soon discovers that the farm is in poor condition and faces financial difficulties. Determined to make a success of the farm, he comes up with an unconventional plan to train a group of monkeys to pick olives, hoping to increase the farm’s productivity and profitability.

With the help of a local schoolteacher, Maria Riserau (played by Yvette Mimieux), Henry sets out to train the monkeys in the art of olive picking. However, the village is initially skeptical and resistant to the idea of using monkeys to work on the farm. As Henry’s efforts to train the monkeys progress, the film presents a series of comic and heartwarming moments as the monkeys’ antics both amuse and frustrate the villagers.

As the story unfolds, Henry and Maria develop a romantic relationship, and together, they face various challenges in their quest to make the farm successful. With determination and ingenuity, they prove the value of their unconventional approach and win over the hearts of the villagers.

“Monkeys, Go Home!” was directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and written by Maurice Tombragel, based on the novel “The Monkeys” by G.K. Wilkinson. The film combines humor, romance, and heartwarming moments, typical of Disney’s live-action comedies of that era. It offers a charming and light-hearted family-friendly story that celebrates the spirit of perseverance and the power of unconventional ideas.

While “Monkeys, Go Home!” may not be as well-known as some of Disney’s other films, it remains a delightful and enjoyable movie that showcases the studio’s ability to craft endearing and entertaining stories for audiences of all ages.

Monkeys Go Home! Cast
  • Maurice Chevalier: Father Sylvain
  • Dean Jones: Hank Dussard
  • Yvette Mimieux: Maria Riserau
  • Bernard Woringer: Marcel Cartucci
  • Clément Harari: Emile Paurilis
  • Yvonne Constant: Yolande Angelli
  • Marcel Hillaire: Mayor Gaston Lou
  • Jules Munshin: Monsieur Piastillio
  • Alan Carney: Grocer
  • Maurice Marsac: Fontanino
  • Darleen Carr: Sidoni Riserau

Monkeys Go Home! Crew
  • Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
  • Producer: Walt Disney
  • Music: Robert F. Brunner

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released: 1967
  • Type of Movie: Live-Action
  • Box Office: $3 million
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