Mr. 3000

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Mr. 3000 (Touchstone Movie)

“Mr. 3000” is a sports comedy film released in 2004, directed by Charles Stone III. The movie stars Bernie Mac as Stan Ross, a former professional baseball player who retired with the reputation of being a great hitter after achieving 3,000 hits in his career.

The story begins with Stan Ross celebrating his 3,000th hit and then retiring from baseball, leaving the game on a high note and with a sense of accomplishment. However, years later, it is revealed that three of his hits were disallowed, and he is no longer eligible for the exclusive 3,000 hits club. This revelation tarnishes his legacy, and Stan becomes a laughingstock in the baseball world.

Feeling determined to reclaim his status as a baseball legend, Stan decides to come out of retirement and join his former team for the remainder of the season in order to get those missing three hits. He is met with skepticism and resistance from his former teammates and the fans who see his return as a publicity stunt.

As Stan makes his comeback, he faces numerous challenges, both on and off the field. He must prove to his team, fans, and even himself that he still has what it takes to be a successful baseball player. Throughout the movie, Stan undergoes a journey of self-discovery and learns valuable lessons about humility, teamwork, and the importance of cherishing the present.

Bernie Mac delivers a standout performance, blending humor and heart in portraying the character of Stan Ross. The film also features a talented supporting cast, including Angela Bassett, Michael Rispoli, and Brian J. White.

“Mr. 3000” combines elements of sports, comedy, and drama to create an entertaining and uplifting story. It explores themes of redemption, second chances, and the power of perseverance. The movie showcases the love and passion that athletes have for the game and the impact they can have on their teammates and fans.

Overall, “Mr. 3000” is an enjoyable sports comedy with a positive and inspirational message. It celebrates the spirit of baseball while reminding audiences that true greatness lies not just in statistics but in the journey and the impact one has on others.

Additional Details


  • Bernie Mac: Stan “Mr. 3000” Ross
  • Angela Bassett: Maureen Simmons
  • Michael Rispoli: Anthony (Boca) Carter
  • Brian J. White: Rex (T-Rex) Pennebaker
  • Ian Anthony Dale: Fukuda
  • Evan Jones: Fryman
  • Amaury Nolasco: Jorge Minadeo
  • Dondre Whitfield: Skillet
  • Paul Sorvino: Gus Panas
  • Earl Billings: Lenny Koron
  • Chris Noth: Schiembri
  • Keegan-Michael Key – Reporter


  • Director: Charles Stone III
  • Producers: Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum and Maggie White
  • Screenplay: Eric Champnella, Keith Mitchell and Howard Michael Gould

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