Mr. Destiny

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Mr. Destiny (Touchstone Movie)

“Mr. Destiny” is a 1990 fantasy-comedy film directed by James Orr. The movie stars James Belushi as Larry Burrows, a middle-aged man who feels unsatisfied with his life and wonders how different things would be if he had made different choices in the past.

The story begins with Larry as a successful but unfulfilled businessman who works at a sporting goods store. He believes that his life would have turned out much better if he had hit a game-winning home run during a high school baseball game, a moment that could have changed the trajectory of his life.

One night, Larry meets a mysterious bartender, played by Michael Caine, who grants him a wish to see how his life would have turned out if he had hit that home run. Larry wakes up in an alternate reality where he is a wealthy and successful businessman, married to his high school crush, played by Linda Hamilton. However, as he navigates this new life, he begins to realize that it may not be as perfect as he imagined.

Throughout the movie, Larry learns valuable lessons about the importance of appreciating the life he has and the people in it. He comes to understand that happiness and fulfillment are not solely determined by external success, but by the choices he makes and the relationships he nurtures.

“Mr. Destiny” is a heartwarming and humorous film that explores the theme of self-discovery and the idea of fate. James Belushi delivers a charming and relatable performance as Larry, and Michael Caine brings his trademark wit and wisdom to the role of the enigmatic bartender.

The film also features a talented supporting cast, including Jon Lovitz, Courteney Cox, and Hart Bochner, who add depth and humor to the story.

“Mr. Destiny” combines elements of fantasy, comedy, and drama to create an entertaining and thought-provoking movie. It encourages viewers to reflect on their own lives and the choices they have made, reminding them that happiness and fulfillment are often found in unexpected places.

Overall, “Mr. Destiny” is a feel-good movie with a positive message about embracing one’s life and finding contentment in the present. It remains a beloved classic for its endearing characters, engaging storyline, and heartfelt performances.

Mr. Destiny

Additional Details


  • James Belushi: Larry Joseph Burrows
  • Linda Hamilton: Ellen Jane Burrows/Robertson
  • Michael Caine: Mike the Bartender/Mr. Destiny
  • Jon Lovitz: Clip Metzler
  • Hart Bochner: Niles Pender.
  • Bill McCutcheon: Leo Hansen
  • Rene Russo: Cindy Jo Bumpers/Burrows
  • Jay O. Sanders: Jackie Earle Bumpers, a.k.a. Cement Head
  • Maury Chaykin: Guzelman
  • Pat Corley: Harry Burrows
  • Douglas Seale: Boswell
  • Courteney Cox: Jewel Jagger
  • Doug Barron: Lewis Flick
  • Jeff Weiss: Ludwig
  • Jeff Pillars: Duncan
  • Kathy Ireland: Gina


  • Director: James Orr
  • Producers and Writers: James Orr and Jim Cruickshank

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