No Deposit No Return

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No Deposit No Return (1976 Movie)

“No Deposit, No Return” is a Disney live-action comedy film released in 1976. The movie was directed by Norman Tokar and stars David Niven, Darren McGavin, and Don Knotts.

The story revolves around two young siblings, Tracy (played by Kim Richards) and Jay (played by Brad Savage), who are unhappy with their divorced parents’ strict lifestyles. When they decide to run away from home and take refuge in a deserted trailer, they stumble upon two bumbling crooks, Duke (played by Darren McGavin) and Bert (played by Don Knotts).

Unaware that the kids have overheard their plans to kidnap a wealthy heiress, the crooks abduct Tracy and Jay, believing them to be the heiress’s grandchildren. The kids see an opportunity for adventure and mischief, leading the criminals on a wild goose chase. They end up at the heiress’s mansion and get entangled in a series of hilarious escapades.

Meanwhile, their real parents, played by David Niven and Barbara Feldon, learn about the kidnapping and set out to rescue their children. As the chase continues, the crooks gradually develop a soft spot for Tracy and Jay, leading to a heartwarming and comedic resolution.

“No Deposit, No Return” combines elements of slapstick comedy, adventure, and family dynamics, making it an entertaining and enjoyable film for audiences of all ages. The chemistry between the child actors and the seasoned comedians Don Knotts and Darren McGavin adds to the charm of the movie.

The film received a warm reception from both critics and audiences, appreciating its light-hearted humor and family-friendly content. “No Deposit, No Return” remains a classic Disney film, cherished for its fun-filled story and endearing performances, and continues to be loved by generations of Disney fans.

Additional Details


  • David Niven: J.W. Osborne
  • Darren McGavin: Duke
  • Don Knotts: Bert Delaney
  • Herschel Bernardi: Sgt. Max Turner
  • Charles Martin Smith: Longnecker
  • Barbara Feldon: Carolyn Osborne
  • Kim Richards: Tracy Osborne
  • Brad Savage: Jay Osborne
  • John Williams: Jameson
  • Vic Tayback: Big Joe
  • Robert Hastings: Peter
  • Louis Guss: Freddie
  • Richard O’Brien: Capt. Boland
  • Barney Phillips: Sgt. Benson
  • Ruth Manning: Miss Murdock
  • Olive Dunbar: Mrs. Hadley
  • James Hong: Ming Lo
  • Jean Gillespie: Reporter
  • Jack Wells: Reporter
  • Stu Gilliam: Policeman
  • Jack Griffin: Policeman
  • Milt Kogan: Policeman
  • Hank Jones: Banana Cop
  • Iris Adrian: Housewife
  • Henry Slate: Truck Driver


  • Director: Norman Tokar
  • Producer: Ron Miller
  • Music: Buddy Baker

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