O Brother Where Art Thou? 

Last Updated on: October 1st, 2022

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O Brother Where Art Thou?  Description

O Brother Where Art Thou?Disenchanted with the daily drudge of crushing rocks on a prison farm in Mississippi, the dapper, silver-tongued Ulysses Everett McGill (George Clooney) busts loose. Except he’s still shackled to his own chain-mates from the chain gang — bad-tempered Pete (John Turturro) and sweet, dimwitted Delmar (Tim Blake Nelson). With nothing to lose and buried loot to regain — before it’s lost forever in a flood — the three embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this hilarious offbeat road picture. Populated with strange characters, including a blind prophet, sexy sirens, and a one-eyed Bible salesman (John Goodman), it’s an odyssey filled with chases, close calls, near misses, and betrayal that will leave you laughing at every outrageous and surprising twist and turn.

O Brother Where Art Thou?  Cast:
  • George Clooney: Ulysses Everett McGill
  • John Turturro: Pete Hogwallop
  • Tim Blake Nelson: Delmar O’Donnell
  • Chris Thomas King: Tommy Johnson
  • Frank Collison: Washington Bartholomew “Wash” Hogwallop
  • John Goodman: Daniel “Big Dan” Teague
  • Holly Hunter: Penny Wharvey-McGill,
  • Charles Durning: Menelaus “Pappy” O’Daniel
  • Daniel von Bargen: Sheriff Cooley
  • Wayne Duvall: Homer Stokes
  • Ray McKinnon: Vernon T. Waldrip
  • Michael Badalucco: George Nelson
  • Stephen Root: Mr. Lund
  • Lee Weaver: the Blind Seer

O Brother Where Art Thou?  Crew:
  • Director: Joel Coen
  • Producer: Ethan Coen
  • Writers: The Coen Brothers
  • Music: T Bone Burnett

O Brother Where Art Thou?  Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released: 2000
  • Type of Movie: Live Action
  • Box Office: $71.9 million
  • Awards: Nominated Academy Awards; Won Golden Globe
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O Brother Where Art Thou?  Trailer:


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