One Little Indian

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One Little Indian (1973 Movie)

“One Little Indian” is a family western film released in 1973 by Walt Disney Productions. The movie was directed by Bernard McEveety and stars James Garner, Vera Miles, and Jodie Foster.

The story follows Corporal Clint Keyes (James Garner), a cavalry soldier stationed at a remote outpost in the American Southwest during the late 1800s. The outpost is visited by a white woman named Doris McIver (Vera Miles) and her young daughter, a Native American girl named Mark (Jodie Foster). Doris is trying to claim Mark as her adopted daughter after the death of her Native American husband.

However, Mark is determined to return to her tribe, and with the help of her friend Jimmy (Clay O’Brien), a mischievous boy from the fort, she escapes and sets off on her own. Corporal Keyes is ordered to track down and retrieve Mark, but instead, he finds himself sympathizing with her and decides to help her reunite with her tribe.

As they journey through the rugged and beautiful landscape of the American Southwest, a bond forms between Corporal Keyes and Mark, and they encounter various adventures and challenges along the way. The film explores themes of friendship, understanding, and the clash of cultures as Mark’s desire to return to her Native American roots conflicts with the world she encounters in the white settlements.

“One Little Indian” is a heartwarming and adventurous family film that touches upon issues of identity and belonging. The performances of James Garner and Jodie Foster are particularly praised, and the film has been appreciated for its positive portrayal of Native American culture and values.

While not a huge commercial success, “One Little Indian” has become a beloved classic among Disney fans and family movie enthusiasts. It presents a moving and engaging story with beautiful cinematography of the American West and a message of acceptance and understanding across cultural differences.

Overall, “One Little Indian” is a charming and memorable film that showcases the magic of the American frontier and the universal themes of friendship and finding one’s place in the world, making it a significant addition to Disney’s collection of family-friendly movies.

Additional Details


  • James Garner: Cpl. Clint Keyes
  • Vera Miles: Doris McIver
  • Pat Hingle: Capt. Stewart
  • Morgan Woodward: Sgt. Raines
  • John Doucette: Sgt. Waller
  • Clay O’Brien: Mark
  • Robert Pine: Lt. Cummins
  • Bruce Glover: Schrader
  • Ken Swofford: Pvt. Dixon
  • Jay Silverheels: Jimmy Wolf
  • Andrew Prine: Chaplain John Kaplan
  • Jodie Foster: Martha McIver
  • Walter Brooke: The doctor
  • Rudy Diaz: The Apache
  • John C. Flinn III: Cowboy (as John Flinn)
  • Lois Red Elk: Blue Feather
  • Hal Baylor: Branigan
  • Terry Wilson: Stagecoach
  • Paul Sorensen: The Guard
  • Read Morgan: Reb
  • Richard Hale: Old Indian
  • Jim Davis: Trail Boss


  • Director: Bernard McEveety
  • Producer: Winston Hibler
  • Music: Jerry Goldsmith

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