One Magic Christmas

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One Magic Christmas (1985 Movie)

“One Magic Christmas” is a Christmas fantasy drama film released in 1985 by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie was directed by Phillip Borsos and stars Mary Steenburgen, Harry Dean Stanton, and Gary Basaraba.

The story revolves around Ginny Grainger (Mary Steenburgen), a disillusioned housewife who has lost her belief in the magic of Christmas. Ginny’s husband, Jack (Gary Basaraba), works hard to provide for the family, but they face financial difficulties. Ginny’s lack of Christmas spirit affects her relationships with her two children, Abbie (Elisabeth Harnois) and Cal (Arthur Hill).

Ginny’s life takes a magical turn when her guardian angel, Gideon (Harry Dean Stanton), decides to intervene and show her the true meaning of Christmas. Gideon, along with a mischievous elf named Elmer (Robbie Magwood), takes Ginny on a journey through time and space to experience different Christmas scenarios. Through these experiences, Ginny learns the importance of love, family, and the spirit of giving.

As the story unfolds, Ginny finds herself facing a heartbreaking event that challenges her faith in Christmas miracles. With the help of Gideon and Elmer, she must find the strength to overcome adversity and rediscover the magic of the holiday season.

“One Magic Christmas” is a heartwarming and emotional film that delves into themes of hope, belief, and the power of love. It portrays the struggles and challenges faced by a family during the holiday season and how the magic of Christmas can bring people together.

The film received mixed reviews from critics upon its release, with some praising its emotional depth and heartwarming story, while others found it too dark for a Disney family film. Nevertheless, “One Magic Christmas” has gained a following over the years and is appreciated by audiences for its touching message and timeless holiday spirit.

Overall, “One Magic Christmas” is a unique addition to Disney’s holiday film repertoire, offering a blend of fantasy, drama, and the celebration of the Christmas spirit that continues to resonate with audiences, especially during the festive season.

Additional Details


  • Mary Steenburgen: Ginny Grainger
  • Gary Basaraba: Jack Grainger
  • Harry Dean Stanton: Gideon
  • Arthur Hill: Caleb Grainger
  • Robbie Magwood: Cal Grainger
  • Elisabeth Harnois: Abbie Grainger
  • Michelle Meyrink: Betty
  • Elias Koteas: Eddie
  • Wayne Robson: Harry Dickens
  • Jan Rubeš: Santa Claus
  • Sarah Polley: Molly Monaghan
  • Graham Jarvis: Frank Crump
  • Timothy Webber: Herbie Conklin
  • Joy Thompson: Mrs. Monaghan
  • John Friesen: Mr. Noonan


  • Director: Philli Borsos
  • Writer: Phillip Borsos, Barry Healey and Thomas Meehan

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