Passed Away

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Passed Away (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

“Passed Away” is a comedy-drama film released in 1992, directed by Charlie Peters. The movie features an ensemble cast, including Bob Hoskins, Jack Warden, William Petersen, and Pamela Reed, among others.

The story revolves around the Scanlan family, who come together to mourn the unexpected death of their patriarch, Jack Scanlan. As the family members gather to make funeral arrangements and deal with their grief, they also find themselves caught up in various personal dramas and comedic situations.

The film follows the quirky and dysfunctional family members as they navigate their relationships and confront unresolved issues during this challenging time.

“Passed Away” is known for its heartwarming and humorous portrayal of family dynamics and the complexities of dealing with loss. The film celebrates the absurdity and humor that can arise during times of grief, as well as the importance of coming together as a family to support each other.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics, but it has become a touchstone for viewers who appreciate bittersweet comedies that explore the humor and warmth that can be found in life’s most difficult moments.

“Passed Away” serves as a touchstone for those seeking a poignant and entertaining film that navigates the ups and downs of family life and offers a mix of laughter and tears as it portrays the shared experience of dealing with the passing of a loved one.

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  • Bob Hoskins: Johnny Scanlan
  • Blair Brown: Amy Scanlan
  • Tim Curry: Boyd Pinter
  • Frances McDormand: Nora Scanlan
  • William Petersen: Frank Scanlan
  • Pamela Reed: Terry Scanlan Pinter
  • Peter Riegert: Peter Syracusa
  • Maureen Stapleton: Mary Scanlan
  • Nancy Travis: Cassie Slocombe
  • Jack Warden: Jack Scanlan
  • Don Brockett: Froggie
  • Patricia O’Connell: Mrs. Finch
  • Louis Mustillo: Carmine Syracusa
  • Ann Shea: Louise
  • Sara Rue: Megan Scanlan
  • Deborah Rush: Denise Scanlan
  • Patrick Breen: Father Hallahan
  • Teri Polo: Rachel Scanlan
  • Jayce Bartok: Tony Scanlan
  • Dylan Baker: Unsworth
  • Jim Corr: Daniel
  • Dan Futterman: Tom


  • Director: Charlie Peters
  • Producers: Larry Brezner and Timothy Marx
  • Writer: Charlie Peters

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