People Like Us

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People Like Us (Touchstone Movie)

“People Like Us” is a 2012 drama film directed by Alex Kurtzman. The movie follows the story of Sam Harper, played by Chris Pine, a fast-talking salesman who is dealing with personal and professional struggles. When Sam’s estranged father passes away, he returns home for the funeral, only to discover that his father has left behind an inheritance for him and a sister he never knew he had.

The sister, Frankie, is portrayed by Elizabeth Banks, and she is a single mother struggling to make ends meet. Initially, Sam is hesitant to reveal his identity and his connection to Frankie, but as he spends more time with her and her son, he forms a deep bond with his newfound family. Through this journey, Sam starts to understand his own life and the impact his father’s choices have had on both him and Frankie.

The film explores themes of family, forgiveness, and the complexities of human relationships. It delves into the idea that family bonds can be formed even in the most unexpected circumstances and that personal growth and understanding can emerge from facing difficult truths.

In addition to the powerful performances from Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks, the film also features strong supporting roles by Michelle Pfeiffer, who plays Sam’s mother, and Michael Hall D’Addario, who portrays Frankie’s son, Josh. The chemistry between the cast members contributes to the emotional depth of the story.

“People Like Us” received positive reviews from critics, praising its heartfelt storytelling and the genuine performances of its cast. The film resonated with audiences, evoking both laughter and tears as it explores the complexities of family dynamics and the power of connection.

Overall, “People Like Us” is a touching and thought-provoking drama that reminds us of the importance of family, love, and the value of understanding our own past to shape our future. It showcases the potential for growth and redemption in even the most complicated family situations and offers a heartwarming message about the transformative power of compassion and acceptance.

People Like Us

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  • Chris Pine: Sam Harper
  • Elizabeth Banks: Frankie Davis
  • Olivia Wilde: Hannah
  • Michael Hall D’Addario: Josh Alan Davis
  • Michelle Pfeiffer: Lillian Harper
  • Mark Duplass: Ted
  • Phillip Baker Hall: Ike Rafferty
  • Jon Favreau: Richards
  • Sara Mornell: Dr. Amanda


  • Director: Alex Kurtzman
  • Producers: Roberto Orci, Bobby  Cohen and Clayton Townsend
  • Writers: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jody Lambert

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