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Phenomenon (Touchstone Movie)

“Phenomenon” is a 1996 science fiction drama film directed by Jon Turteltaub. The movie stars John Travolta as George Malley, a simple and likable small-town mechanic. One night, George witnesses a mysterious light in the sky, and from that moment on, he starts to experience extraordinary changes in his life.

After the encounter with the light, George finds himself gifted with incredible mental abilities. He gains an exceptional intelligence, the ability to learn languages rapidly, and even telekinesis. As news of his unique abilities spreads, the townspeople and the scientific community become fascinated and intrigued by him.

With his newfound intelligence and powers, George becomes an influential figure in his community. He uses his gifts to help others, including solving complex problems and offering advice. However, as George’s abilities attract more attention, he also faces skepticism and fear from those who don’t understand his transformation.

The movie delves into themes of human potential, the power of love and community, and the fear of the unknown. It explores the impact of extraordinary events on ordinary lives and the complexities of navigating fame and recognition.

Throughout the film, George also forms a deep bond with a woman named Lace (played by Kyra Sedgwick), and their love story becomes a central element of the plot. Their relationship is heartwarming and serves as a grounding force amidst the extraordinary events happening around George.

“Phenomenon” received mixed reviews from critics, but it was well-received by audiences and became a commercial success. John Travolta’s heartfelt performance as George Malley and the film’s touching themes resonated with viewers, making it a memorable and thought-provoking drama.

Overall, “Phenomenon” is a compelling and touching film that blends science fiction elements with a poignant exploration of humanity. It reminds audiences of the potential for greatness that lies within each individual and the importance of embracing the unknown with an open heart and mind.

Additional Details


  • John Travolta: George Malley
  • Kyra Sedgwick: Lace Pennamin
  • Forest Whitaker: Nate Pope
  • Robert Duvall: Doc Brunder
  • Jeffrey DeMunn: Prof. John Ringold
  • Richard Kiley: Dr. Wellin
  • David Gallagher: Al Pennamin
  • Ashley Buccille: Glory Pennamin
  • Brent Spiner: Dr. Bob Nierdof
  • Elisabeth Nunziato: Ella


  • Director: Jon Turteltaub
  • Producers: Barbara Boyle, Michael Taylor and Charles Newirth
  • Writer: Gerald Di Pego

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