Prom Dates

Last Updated on: April 17th, 2024

“Prom Dates” is a coming-of-age comedy film set to premiere on Hulu on May 3, 2024.

The movie, directed by Kim Nguyen and written by D.J. Mausner, follows best friends Jess and Hannah.

The story revolves around a pact they made at 13 years old to have the perfect senior prom.

As their high school years draw to a close and they face impending changes due to college, the film explores their adventures and challenges in keeping this pact.

The film features performances by Julia Lester, Antonia Gentry, and Kenny Ridwan, and promises to be a blend of humor and heartfelt moments.prom dates disney plus hulu

Additional Details


  • John Michael Higgins: Principal Lundy
  • Chelsea Handler: Barb
  • Antonia Gentry: Jess
  • Arianna Rivas: Lexi
  • Patty Guggenheim: Woman
  • Terry Hu: Angie
  • Zión Moreno: Heather
  • Kenny Ridwan: Greg
  • Julia Lester: Hannah
  • Adam Herschman: Officer Carnival
  • Jordan Buhat: Jess’s boyfriend
  • JT Neal: Jacob
  • Shea Buckner: Officer Borfitz
  • Ashley Szczerbacki: Janine
  • Marcha Kia: Keara
  • Audrey Trullinger: Alanah
  • Kiel Kennedy: Man
  • Millie Thorpe: Young Hannah


  • Director: Kim O. Nguyen

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