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Ransom (Touchstone Movie)

“Ransom” is a 1996 crime thriller film directed by Ron Howard. The movie stars Mel Gibson as Tom Mullen, a wealthy businessman whose son is kidnapped for ransom. The film also features Rene Russo as Tom’s wife, Kate, and Gary Sinise as the lead kidnapper, Jimmy Shaker.

The story revolves around Tom Mullen, a successful airline owner, whose son, Sean, is abducted by a group of kidnappers. The kidnappers demand a ransom of $2 million for Sean’s safe return. Initially, Tom cooperates with the FBI in handling the situation, but when he becomes frustrated with their lack of progress, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Tom goes public with the kidnapping and announces that he will not pay the ransom. Instead, he offers the money as a bounty for anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of the kidnappers. This bold move puts Tom and his family in the media spotlight, making them vulnerable to both the kidnappers and public opinion.

As the investigation intensifies, Tom and Kate must confront the moral dilemmas that arise from their decision to refuse the ransom demand. Meanwhile, the kidnappers become increasingly desperate, leading to a tense and suspenseful climax.

“Ransom” is known for its intense and gripping storyline, as well as Mel Gibson’s powerful performance as a desperate father willing to do whatever it takes to save his son. The film received positive reviews from critics and was a commercial success at the box office.

Overall, “Ransom” is a compelling and well-crafted thriller that explores themes of family, morality, and the lengths to which a parent will go to protect their child. It remains a popular choice for fans of the crime thriller genre and is considered one of Ron Howard’s successful directorial efforts.

Additional Details


  • Mel Gibson: Tom Mullen
  • Rene Russo: Kate Mullen
  • Brawley Nolte: Sean Mullen
  • Gary Sinise: Det. Jimmy Shaker
  • Delroy Lindo: FBI Special Agent Lonnie Hawkins
  • Lili Taylor: Maris Conner
  • Liev Schreiber: Clark Barnes
  • Donnie Wahlberg: Cubby Barnes
  • Evan Handler: Miles Roberts
  • Paul Guilfoyle: FBI Director Stan Wallace
  • José Zúñiga: David Torres
  • Dan Hedaya: Jackie Brown
  • John Ortiz: Roberto
  • David Vadim: an NYPD Officer


  • Director: Ron Howard
  • Producers: Brian Grazer, Kip Hagopian and Scott Rudin
  • Screenplay: Richard Price and Alexander Ignon
  • Music: James Horner

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