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Rascal (1969 Movie)

“Rascal” is a live-action Disney film released in 1969. It is based on the 1963 novel “Rascal” by Sterling North. The film was directed by Norman Tokar and stars Bill Mumy as Sterling North and Steve Forrest as his father.

The story is set during World War I and revolves around a young boy named Sterling North, who lives in Wisconsin with his family. After his mother’s death, Sterling becomes withdrawn and struggles with his emotions. One day, he discovers a mischievous and resourceful raccoon, whom he names Rascal, and decides to adopt as his pet.

Sterling and Rascal develop a strong bond, and the raccoon becomes a source of comfort and companionship for the young boy. They embark on various adventures together, getting into all sorts of escapades and causing mischief in their small town.

As the story progresses, Sterling faces challenges in keeping Rascal as a pet, as some people in the town see the raccoon as a nuisance. Sterling’s father, a stern newspaper editor, also has concerns about the raccoon’s presence in their home.

The film explores themes of friendship, loss, and the importance of cherishing the moments with loved ones. It also highlights the bond between humans and animals and the impact pets can have on our lives.

“Rascal” received positive reviews for its heartwarming story, charming characters, and the endearing relationship between Sterling and Rascal. The film’s nostalgic and family-friendly nature made it a hit with audiences of all ages.

Over the years, “Rascal” has remained a beloved Disney classic, touching the hearts of generations of viewers. It is fondly remembered for its depiction of a special friendship between a boy and his mischievous pet raccoon, reminding audiences of the beauty and joy that can be found in unexpected places.

Additional Details


  • Bill Mumy: Sterling North
  • Steve Forrest: Sterling’s father, Willard
  • Pamela Toll: his sister, Theo
  • Elsa Lanchester: Mrs. Satterfield
  • Henry Jones: Garth Shadwick
  • Bettye Ackerman: Miss Whalen
  • Jonathan Daly: Rev. Thurman
  • John Fiedler: CY Jenkins
  • Richard Erdman: Walt Dabbett
  • Herbert Anderson: Mr. Pringle
  • Robert Emhardt: Constable
  • Steve Carlson: Norman Bradshaw
  • Maudie Prickett: Miss Pince-Nez
  • David McCallum: Ice Cream Man


  • Director: Norman Tokar
  • Producer: James Algar
  • Music: Buddy Baker

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