Rip Girls

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Rip Girls (Disney Channel Original Movie)

“Rip Girls” is a Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered in 2000. It is a family drama film set in Hawaii, directed by Joyce Chopra.

The movie follows the story of 13-year-old Sydney Miller (played by Camilla Belle), a young girl living in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. After the death of her mother, Sydney is sent to Hawaii to reconnect with her estranged father, Ben (played by Stoney Westmoreland), whom she hasn’t seen in years.

Upon arriving in Hawaii, Sydney is initially resistant to the idea of staying there and is skeptical about her father’s new life. However, as she spends time on the beautiful island, she begins to appreciate its natural beauty and the culture of the locals.

Sydney befriends a group of local surfers, including a young Hawaiian girl named Gia (played by Keone Young). Together, they introduce her to the world of surfing and the Hawaiian way of life, helping her feel more at home on the island.

As Sydney immerses herself in the island’s culture, she discovers a family secret that involves her mother’s past. She also learns about the ancient legend of the “Rip Girls,” a group of brave Hawaiian women surfers. Through her journey of self-discovery, Sydney not only finds her roots but also gains a new appreciation for her Hawaiian heritage.

“Rip Girls” explores themes of family, heritage, and finding one’s identity. It showcases the beauty of Hawaii and its unique culture while delivering a heartwarming story about coming to terms with the past and embracing the present.

With its picturesque Hawaiian setting and uplifting storyline, “Rip Girls” is a feel-good movie that appeals to both young audiences and families alike. It encourages viewers to appreciate their heritage and the importance of embracing new experiences and relationships in life.

Additional Details

  • Movie Studio:
  • Year Released: 2000
  • Type of Movie: Live Action
  • Movie Platform: Disney Channel Original Movie
  • IMDB Link


  • Camilla Belle: Sydney Miller
  • Dwier Brown: Ben Miller
  • Stacie Hess: Gia
  • Brian Stark: Kona
  • Jeanne Mori: Malia
  • Lauren Sinclair: Elizabeth Miller
  • Keone Young: Bo
  • Kanoa Chung: Kai
  • Meleana White: Mele
  • Joy Magelssen: Lanea
  • Varoa Tiki: Hawaiian Grandmother
  • Rory Togo: Willie
  • Albert Belz: James
  • Jane Hall: Arlene


  • Director: Joyce Chopra
  • Producer: Steve McGlothen

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