Rob Roy The Highland Rogue

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Rob Roy The Highland Rogue (1954 Movie)

“Rob Roy, The Highland Rogue” is a historical adventure film released by Walt Disney Productions in 1953. The movie is based on the life of the Scottish folk hero, Rob Roy MacGregor, who lived in the 17th century and was known for his fierce resistance against the English oppression.

The film follows the life of Rob Roy (played by Richard Todd), a proud and courageous Scottish Highlander who fights against the oppressive rule of the English crown led by the villainous Duke of Montrose (played by Michael Gough). Rob Roy becomes a symbol of hope and inspiration for the Scottish people, leading a rebellion against the English rule and defending his people’s rights and land.

The film is set against the backdrop of the Jacobite rising and the political tensions between Scotland and England. It showcases the struggles of the Scottish people and the determination of Rob Roy to protect his homeland and preserve his people’s way of life.

“Rob Roy, The Highland Rogue” is a thrilling and action-packed adventure with elements of romance, loyalty, and bravery. The film received positive reviews for its exciting storyline, impressive performances, and picturesque Scottish landscapes.

Though not as well-known as some of Disney’s other films, “Rob Roy, The Highland Rogue” remains a cherished classic among fans of historical adventure movies. It showcases Disney’s ability to delve into historical narratives and bring them to life with captivating storytelling and memorable characters.

Fun Facts

  • “Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue” is a Disney adventure film released in 1953. It tells the story of the Scottish folk hero Rob Roy MacGregor and his fight against injustice and oppression during the 18th century Jacobite uprising.
  • The film features Richard Todd in the title role of Rob Roy. Interestingly, this was Todd’s second collaboration with Disney, as he had previously played the role of Peter in Disney’s live-action film “The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men” (1952).
  • The movie is known for its action sequences and the use of Scottish Highland scenery. It includes dramatic sword fights, breathtaking landscapes, and a portrayal of the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands, which adds to the film’s visual appeal.

Additional Details


  • Richard Todd: Rob Roy MacGregor
  • Glynis Johns: Helen Mary MacPherson MacGregor
  • James Robertson Justice: John Campbell
  • Michael Gough: Duke of Montrose
  • Finlay Currie: Hamish MacPherson
  • Jean Taylor Smith: Lady Margaret Campbell MacGregor
  • Geoffrey Keen: Killearn
  • Archie Duncan: Dugal MacGregor
  • Russell Waters: Hugh MacGregor
  • Marjorie Fielding: Maggie MacPherson
  • Eric Pohlmann: King George I
  • Ina De La Haye: Countess von Pahlen
  • Michael Goodliffe: Sir Robert Walpole
  • Martin Boddey: General Cadogan
  • Ewen Solon: Maj. Gen. Wightman
  • Ian MacNaughton: Callum MacGregor
  • Ted Follows: Douglas MacGregor
  • May Hallatt: Ballad Hawker
  • Hamilton Keene: Fort Commandant
  • Henry Hewitt: Lord Parker
  • Malcolm Keen: Duke of Marlborough
  • David Keir: Servant to Argyll


  • Director: Harold French
  • Producer: Walt Disney and Perce Pearce
  • Writer: Lawrence Edward Watkin
  • Music: Cedric Davie

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