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Roommates (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

“Roommates” is a drama film released in 1995, directed by Peter Yates. The movie stars Peter Falk as Rocky Holeczek and D.B. Sweeney as Michael Holeczek, with supporting roles played by Julianne Moore, Ellen Burstyn, and Jan Rubes.

The story revolves around the complex relationship between a grandfather, Rocky, and his grandson, Michael. After the death of Michael’s father, Rocky becomes his guardian, and the two of them end up living together as roommates.

The film follows their journey as they navigate the challenges of cohabitation and come to understand and appreciate each other’s differences and life experiences.

As the two generations live together, they find themselves confronting their past, sharing life lessons, and forming a bond that transcends their age difference.

“Roommates” is known for its heartwarming portrayal of family dynamics and the touching performances of Peter Falk and D.B. Sweeney. The film explores themes of family, love, forgiveness, and the importance of connecting with loved ones.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics but has been appreciated by audiences who enjoy heartfelt dramas that celebrate the complexity and richness of family relationships.

“Roommates” serves as a touchstone for viewers seeking an emotionally engaging and heartwarming film that explores the connections between different generations within a family. It remains a touching and poignant story that emphasizes the power of love and understanding in fostering meaningful relationships across generations.

Additional Details


  • Peter Falk: Rocky Holzeck
  • D.B. Sweeney: Michael Holzcek
  • Julianne Moore: Beth Holzeck
  • Ellen Burstyn: Judith Matthews
  • Jan Rubeš: Bolek Krupa
  • Ernie Sabella: Stash
  • John Cunningham: Burt Shook
  • Frankie Faison: Professor Martin
  • Raymond K. Wong: Deng
  • William H. Macy: Doctor
  • Mengze Shi: Fan


  • Director: Peter Yates
  • Producers: Ted Field, Robert Cort and Scott Kroopf
  • Screenplay: Max Apple and Stephen Metcalfe

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