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Last Updated on: June 26th, 2024

Run Cougar Run disney movie

“Run Cougar Run” is a Disney live-action movie released in 1972. It is a family-friendly adventure film that tells the heartwarming story of a young boy named Mark Adams and his friendship with a wild cougar.

The story revolves around Mark, played by Charles Martin Smith, who lives on a ranch with his family in the wilderness of Oregon. Mark discovers a young cougar cub while exploring the forest and decides to adopt it as his own. He names the cub “Cougar” and becomes inseparable from his new friend.

As the bond between Mark and Cougar grows, they embark on various adventures together, exploring the beautiful landscape and encountering both the wonders and challenges of the wild. However, their relationship faces threats when Cougar’s natural instincts as a wild animal start to emerge.

As the film progresses, Mark’s parents, played by Linda Kelsey and Roger Anderson, grow concerned about the safety of having a wild animal as a pet. They worry that Cougar’s wild nature could pose a danger to the family and their neighbors.

“Run Cougar Run” highlights the importance of wildlife conservation and responsible interactions with wild animals. The movie explores themes of friendship, understanding, and respect for nature, teaching valuable lessons about the consequences of keeping wild animals as pets.

The film features stunning scenery of the Pacific Northwest and showcases the beauty of the natural world. It also provides a glimpse into the life of a young boy who forms a deep connection with a wild animal, learning about the complexities of nature and the importance of letting wild animals remain in their natural habitat.

“Run Cougar Run” was well-received by audiences for its heartwarming story, beautiful cinematography, and positive messages about wildlife and conservation. While it may not be as well-known as some other Disney classics, it remains a charming and family-friendly film that continues to resonate with audiences who appreciate stories of friendship and the wonders of the natural world.

Additional Details


  • Stuart Whitman: Hugh McRae
  • Frank Aletter: Sam Davis
  • Lonny Chapman: Harry Walker
  • Douglas Fowley: Joe Bickley
  • Harry Carey, Jr.: Barney
  • Alfonso Arau: Etio


  • Director: Jerome Courtland
  • Producer: James Algar
  • Music: Buddy Baker

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