Runaway Bride

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Runaway Bride (Touchstone Movie)

“Runaway Bride” is a romantic comedy film released in 1999, directed by Garry Marshall. The movie reunites Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, who previously starred together in the hugely successful romantic comedy “Pretty Woman” (1990).

The story follows Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts), a young woman notorious for leaving her fiancés at the altar. Her pattern of running away from commitment earns her the nickname “Runaway Bride” and makes her a tabloid sensation.

Ike Graham (Richard Gere), a New York City columnist, writes an unflattering article about Maggie after her latest wedding escape. However, he is later fired for falsifying information in the article. Determined to restore his reputation, Ike relocates to Maggie’s small hometown in Maryland to dig deeper into her story and write a more accurate account.

As Ike investigates Maggie’s past relationships and spends time with her, he starts to see a different side of her beyond the media image. Despite their initial animosity, Ike and Maggie begin to develop feelings for each other. The film explores themes of self-discovery, the fear of commitment, and the importance of finding one’s true self in a relationship.

“Runaway Bride” showcases the chemistry between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, bringing a combination of charm, humor, and romance to their on-screen relationship. The film’s light-hearted and feel-good tone makes it a delightful and enjoyable romantic comedy.

The supporting cast, including Joan Cusack as Maggie’s best friend, adds depth and comedic moments to the story. The picturesque small-town setting of Hale, Maryland, adds to the film’s warm and inviting atmosphere.

While “Runaway Bride” received mixed reviews from critics, it was well-received by audiences and became a commercial success, solidifying the enduring appeal of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere as a romantic duo.

The film remains a beloved touchstone for fans of romantic comedies, offering a heartwarming and humorous take on love, commitment, and the power of self-discovery in relationships.

Additional Details


  • Julia Roberts as Margaret “Maggie” Carpenter
  • Richard Gere as Homer “Ike” Eisenhower Graham
  • Joan Cusack as Peggy Flemming
  • Héctor Elizondo as Fisher
  • Rita Wilson as Ellie Graham
  • Paul Dooley as Walter Carpenter
  • Christopher Meloni as Bob Kelly
  • Lisa Roberts Gillan as Elaine
  • Donal Logue as Priest Brian Norris
  • Reg Rogers as George “Bug Guy” Swilling
  • Yul Vazquez as Dead Head Gill Chavez
  • Kathleen Marshall as Cousin Cindy
  • Jean Schertler as Grandma


  • Director: Garry Marshall
  • Producers: Ted Field, Tom Rosenberg, Scott Kroopf, Nikhilesh Mehra and Robert Cort
  • Writers: Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott

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