Shanghai Noon

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Shanghai Noon (Touchstone Movie)

“Shanghai Noon” is a comedy Western film released in 2000, directed by Tom Dey. The movie stars Jackie Chan as Chon Wang (pronounced “John Wayne”), a Chinese Imperial Guard who travels to the Wild West to rescue a kidnapped princess. Owen Wilson co-stars as Roy O’Bannon, a small-time outlaw who becomes an unlikely partner to Chon Wang.

The story begins when Princess Pei Pei (Lucy Liu), a member of the Chinese Imperial family, is kidnapped and taken to America. Chon Wang is assigned to travel to the United States to retrieve her and bring her back safely to China. In Nevada, Chon Wang crosses paths with Roy O’Bannon, who poses as a skilled gunslinger but is actually a bumbling outlaw.

Together, Chon Wang and Roy embark on a series of comedic misadventures as they try to rescue the princess and evade the villains pursuing them. Their journey takes them through the American frontier, and the cultural clash between Chon Wang’s traditional Chinese values and Roy’s laid-back Western mentality leads to many humorous and entertaining situations.

“Shanghai Noon” combines elements of action, comedy, and buddy film dynamics. Jackie Chan’s martial arts skills and Owen Wilson’s witty humor create a unique and engaging on-screen partnership. The film incorporates Chan’s signature choreographed fight sequences, blending them seamlessly into the Western setting.

The movie pays homage to classic Western films while also infusing it with Eastern influences, making it a refreshing and entertaining crossover of genres. The chemistry between Chan and Wilson provides comedic charm, and Lucy Liu’s portrayal of the spirited Princess Pei Pei adds to the film’s appeal.

“Shanghai Noon” was well-received by both audiences and critics, becoming a commercial success and establishing itself as a beloved touchstone in the action-comedy genre. Its popularity led to a sequel, “Shanghai Knights,” released in 2003, further showcasing the comedic pairing of Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in a historical adventure setting.

Additional Details


  • Jackie Chan: Chon Wang
  • Owen Wilson: Roy O’Bannon/Wyatt Earp
  • Lucy Liu: Princess Pei-Pei
  • Brandon Merrill: Falling Leaves
  • Xander Berkeley: Marshal Nathan Van Cleef
  • Roger Yuan: Lo Fong
  • Kate Luyben: Fifi
  • Jason Connery: Calvin Andrews
  • Simon R. Baker: Little Feather
  • Walton Goggins: Wallace
  • Henry O: Royal Interpreter
  • Yu Rongguang: Imperial Guard Rong Guang Yu
  • Eric Chen: Imperial Guard Eric Chi Cheng Chen


  • Director: Tom Dey
  • Producers: Roger Birnbaum, Gary Barber and Jonathan Glickman
  • Writers: Alfred Gough and Miles Millar

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