Shoot to Kill

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Shoot to Kill (Touchstone Movie)

“Shoot to Kill,” also known as “Deadly Pursuit,” is an action thriller film released in 1988, directed by Roger Spottiswoode. The movie stars Sidney Poitier as FBI agent Warren Stantin and Tom Berenger as mountain guide Jonathan Knox.

The story follows Agent Stantin, who is in pursuit of a dangerous criminal named Warren “Scout” Turner (played by Clancy Brown). Turner has murdered a U.S. postal inspector and is now on the run in the rugged wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

To catch Turner, Agent Stantin enlists the help of mountain guide Jonathan Knox, who is familiar with the rugged terrain and Turner’s former stomping grounds. Knox reluctantly agrees to assist Stantin in tracking down the fugitive.

As the chase unfolds, Stantin and Knox encounter numerous challenges in the unforgiving wilderness, including harsh weather, treacherous terrain, and dangerous wildlife. Along the way, they form an uneasy alliance as they learn to trust and rely on each other.

The film offers a mix of suspense, action, and adventure as Stantin and Knox close in on the ruthless criminal. The stunning outdoor cinematography captures the breathtaking beauty and perilous nature of the Pacific Northwest, adding to the film’s tension and atmosphere.

Sidney Poitier and Tom Berenger deliver strong performances as the two protagonists with conflicting personalities and motivations. Clancy Brown portrays the menacing and cunning villain, creating a formidable adversary for the pursuers.

“Shoot to Kill” received generally positive reviews from critics and performed well at the box office. The film’s compelling storyline, well-executed action sequences, and strong performances contributed to its appeal among action thriller fans.

While “Shoot to Kill” might not be as widely remembered as some other action films from the 1980s, it remains a touchstone for fans of the genre, offering an engaging and thrilling adventure set against the backdrop of the majestic Pacific Northwest.

Additional Details


  • Sidney Poitier: Warren Stantin
  • Tom Berenger: Jonathan Knox
  • Andrew Robinson: Harvey
  • Kirstie Alley: Sarah Renell
  • Clancy Brown: Steve
  • Richard Masur: Norman
  • William S. Taylor: Police Captain
  • Frederick Coffin: Ralph
  • Ken Camroux: Charles Denham
  • Fred Henderson: Agent Owenby
  • Samuel Hiona: Inspector Hsu
  • Les Lannom: Sheriff Dave Arnett
  • Robert Lesser: Agent Minelli
  • Michael MacRae: Fournier
  • Walter Marsh: Sam Baker
  • Janet Rotblatt: Mrs. Berger
  • Kevin Scannell: Ben
  • Frank C. Turner: Austin Crilley


  • Director: Roger Spottiswoodie
  • Producers: Daniel Petrie Jr and Ron Silverman
  • Screenplay: Harv Zimmel, Michael Burton and Daniel Petrie Jr

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