Spaced Invaders

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Spaced Invaders (Touchstone Movie)

“Spaced Invaders” is a science fiction comedy film released in 1990, directed by Patrick Read Johnson. The movie blends elements of science fiction and humor to tell a lighthearted and family-friendly story.

The plot revolves around a group of bumbling Martians who accidentally intercept a broadcast of Orson Welles’ famous “War of the Worlds” radio drama. Mistaking it for a real news broadcast, the Martians believe that Earth is under attack by hostile aliens. Eager to join the fight, they hop into their spaceship and head towards Earth with the intention of conquering it.

Upon arriving on Earth, the Martians quickly discover that they are not as formidable as they thought. Instead, they find themselves facing a series of comedic misadventures and mishaps, as they encounter various human characters, including a farmer named Wrenchmuller (played by J.J. Anderson) and a group of kids celebrating Halloween.

As the Martians wreak havoc and cause mischief, they inadvertently become the ones being chased and targeted by the humans. However, along the way, they also learn valuable lessons about friendship, cooperation, and the true meaning of heroism.

“Spaced Invaders” is known for its quirky humor, colorful characters, and entertaining blend of science fiction and comedy. The film offers a playful and nostalgic homage to classic sci-fi tropes and themes while adding a humorous twist to the traditional alien invasion narrative.

The film’s visual effects, while not on par with modern CGI, contribute to the overall charm of the movie, and the practical effects and puppetry add to the film’s nostalgic appeal.

“Spaced Invaders” was not a commercial success and received mixed reviews from critics upon its release. However, it has gained a cult following over the years, appreciated for its light-hearted and family-friendly humor. The film remains a touchstone for fans of 1990s sci-fi comedies and provides a fun and entertaining viewing experience for audiences of all ages.

Additional Details


  • Douglas Barr: Sheriff Sam Hoxly
  • Royal Dano: Mr. Wrenchmuller
  • Ariana Richards: Kathy Hoxly
  • Gregg Berger: Steve W. Klembecker
  • Fred Applegate: Deputy Russell Pillsbury
  • Wayne Alexander: Vern Pillsbury / Verndroid
  • J.J. Anderson: Brian Hampton (Duck)
  • Patrika Darbo: Mrs. Vanderspool
  • Tonya Lee Williams: Ernestine Hampton
  • Kevin Thompson: Blaznee
  • Jimmy Briscoe: Captain Bipto
  • Tony Cox: Corporal Pez
  • Debbie Lee Carrington: Dr. Ziplock
  • Tommy Madden: Lieutenant Giggywig
  • Kevin Thompson: Blaznee
  • Jeff Winkless: Captain Bipto
  • Tony Pope: Corporal Pez
  • Joe Alaskey: Dr. Ziplock
  • Bruce Lanoil: Lieutenant Giggywig
  • Patrick Read Johnson: Commander / Enforcer Drone
  • Kirk Thatcher: Shortstuff


  • Director: Patrick Read Johnson
  • Producer: Luigi Cingolani
  • Writers: Patricj Read Johnson and Scott Lawrence Alexander

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