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Starstruck (Disney Channel Original Movie)

“Starstruck” is a Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered in 2010. It is a teen romantic comedy directed by Michael Grossman.

The story follows Jessica Olson (Danielle Campbell), a down-to-earth girl from Michigan who goes to Los Angeles with her family to visit her grandmother. While in LA, Jessica accidentally meets famous pop star Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight) and doesn’t recognize him. Christopher is tired of the constant media attention and pressures of fame, and he pretends to be a regular guy named “Chris” to spend time with Jessica without revealing his true identity.

As Jessica and “Chris” spend time together, they start to develop a genuine connection and feelings for each other. However, their romance faces obstacles as Jessica eventually discovers Chris’ true identity and has to deal with the challenges of dating a celebrity.

Throughout the movie, there are musical performances featuring original songs, including “Starstruck,” “Something About the Sunshine,” and “Hero.” These songs showcase the talents of the lead actors, and the movie’s soundtrack was well-received by audiences.

“Starstruck” received positive reviews for its fun and lighthearted storyline, the chemistry between the lead actors, and its catchy music. The film became a hit among Disney Channel viewers and contributed to the rising popularity of Sterling Knight and Danielle Campbell in the entertainment industry.

Overall, “Starstruck” is a delightful Disney Channel movie that combines elements of romance, comedy, and music, making it an enjoyable watch for teenagers and fans of feel-good films.

Additional Details


  • Sterling Knight: Christopher Wilde
  • Danielle Campbell: Jessica Olson
  • Maggie Castle: Sara Olson
  • Brandon Mychal Smith: Albert Joshua “Stubby” Stubbins
  • Chelsea Staub: Alexis Bender
  • Matt Winston: Alan Smith
  • Toni Trucks: Libby Lam
  • Abbie Cobb: AJ
  • Beth Littleford: Barbara Olson
  • Dan O’Connor: Dean Olson
  • Alice Hirson: Grandma Olson
  • Lauren Bowles: Sheri Wilde
  • Ron Pearson: Daniel Wilde
  • Hugh Dane: Howard
  • Sunkrish Bala: Dr. Sanjay Lad


  • Director: Michael Grossman
  • Producer: Douglas Sloan

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